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Rogue Resolutions: Top 10 New Year Commitments for a Bigger & Better 2024

Posted by Rogue Crew on Dec 29th 2023

Welcome all neophiles and non-adventurers alike. As we embark on a brand new year, it's time to crank up the dial on life. We're talking about pushing past the usual New Year's resolutions and diving headfirst into the unknown. Ready to spark that wanderlust and initiate the uninitiated? Buckle up because we're about to redefine what it means to travel and experience new things.

1. Explore a new town, duh: 

There's an adventure waiting in every corner of the world. Start the year with a promise to visit a city or town you've never been to before. Choose a location off-the-beaten path and let your wanderlust guide you. For a good contrast, Rogue suggests anywhere along the Mexico Coast or the Canadian Rockies. Pro tip - Don’t forget to bring Rogue pouches along for the adventure.

2. Volunteer abroad. 

Combine travel with altruism, and maybe even get a discount while you’re at it. Depending on the situation, volunteering abroad can come with perks like free stay, transportation, food, etc. Look into programs regarding conservation and land restoration. Countries like Iceland, Greenland, and even The Faroe Islands have been known to offer such.

3. Attend a Bucket List Event. 

Whether it’s music, a festival, or a world wrestling championship, plan some really cool and unique year-round events. Near or far, do your best to dive into unfamiliar territory as well – You might find yourself embracing a new genre, community, or culture. Rogue suggests anything with a ski lift and an EDM DJ.

4. Master an uncommon skill: 

The world is your classroom. Learning Mandarin could be overly aspirational, but how cool would it be to learn professional ice carving? Other ideas might include urban foraging, capoeira, falconry, and more.

5. Try an extreme sport. 

Keeping with the theme(s), get your blood pumping with activities like zorbing, parasailing, or scuba. Extreme activities like this may broaden your horizons to other thrill sports like bungee jumping, rock climbing, or skydiving.

6. Let your voice be heard. 

Whether it’s documenting adventures via blog or podcasting, try sharing your voice with the world. You get to chronicle your growth and perhaps find a whole new community of like-minded people with the same values and systems. There are plenty of things to discuss these days, but Rogue suggests anything to do with travel, sports, product reviews, and/or outdoor activity.

7. Make some more money.

Bartending isn’t the only way to make spare change any more. The opportunity lay in everything from online shopping affiliate schemes to meticulous day trading on the stock market. Being proactive here can go a long way in bankrolling the rest of this list…

8. Try a Video Game Detox once a quarter. 

For the gamers out there, pick a month and do your best to avoid picking up the controller. It may may free up time for other adventures, like hunting that rare bottle of bourbon, or planning the perfect spring golf trip with 7 of your best buds.

9. Try a new food. 

A brief digital journey can open up a world of culinary adventures. From the bustling food stalls of foreign countries to the hidden gastronomic gems in our very own neighborhood, experimenting with unfamiliar cuisine can profoundly stimulate and delight our senses. We suggest Larb, fried duck, or spicy squid.

10. Go Rogue. 

If you haven’t yet, try out nicotine pouches. With 10+ flavors to choose from and a variety of mix packs, you won’t regret it.

This New Year, choose resolutions that will bring joy, enrich your life, and feed your adventurous spirit. Go bigger, better. Go Rogue. Visit our store locator and find pouches near you. Here's to a year of growth and adventure.

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