WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Rogue Pouches 5 Pack

Pop in an easy to use and spit-free pouch from Rogue Nicotine, and enjoy for up to an hour. Varieties come in 3mg and 6mg with flavors ranging from Wintergreen and Peppermint to Mango and Honey Lemon. 20 pouches per can. 5 cans per pack.
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Spit Free and Discreet
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For long-lasting situations, Rogue Pouches are the ultimate solution. Available in 3mg and 6mg strengths, each can contains 20 nicotine pouches. (With Wintergreen, Peppermint, Mango, Honey Lemon, Apple, Cinnamon, Berry, and Spearmint on deck, we've got a pouch for whatever flavor you're feeling.)

Enjoy discreetly for up to 1 hour. Spit-free. Sugar-free. Doesn't stain teeth. 3mg and 6mg strength options. Available online and at 40,000 stores nationwide, Rogue Pouches are the perfect way to enjoy the nicotine you love without getting noticed, and without the risk of staining your teeth. With 33% more pouches per can than other brands, there's no reason not to Go Rogue.

Net Weight: .48oz (13.5g) per can

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  • 5
    Mango 3mg Rogue Pouches

    Posted by Clifford Bailey on May 25th 2023

    Perfect amount of flavor in a nicotine pouch

  • 5
    Best Nicotine Pouches Out There

    Posted by anonymous on May 25th 2023

    They have longer flavor but most of all the nicotine last longer. So you are getting more for your money then other pouches.

  • 5
    Mango/ berry

    Posted by Amy Slusher on May 24th 2023

    Both are great

  • 5
    Good stuff, best on the market

    Posted by Carl on May 24th 2023


  • 5

    Posted by Nate on May 24th 2023

    All I can say is Rogue is way better than the competition.

  • 5
    I love the product

    Posted by Robert Houghteling on May 22nd 2023

    I love the flavors.

  • 5
    Rouge Nicotine Pouches

    Posted by Reuben R. on May 22nd 2023

    Awesome product and ordering was super easy and fast.

  • 4
    6mg wintergreen pouches

    Posted by John on May 20th 2023

    I use them regularly and enjoy them. The only issues I've had are with the amount in each pouch being inconsistent and occasionally getting a can with half of the pouches being open on one end and spilling out.

  • 5
    6mg mango

    Posted by Rob Harrison on May 18th 2023

    Best nic pouch I've tried, by faaaaar!!! These are my go-to. 6mg mango... I keep an extra roll in my truck at all times. Big pouches, super long lasting flavor that usually outlasts the nicotine itself. Ive had them last up to 3 hours before flavor was diminished. I'll never go back to the "other guys". I'm a rogue customer for life!

Rogue Pouches 5 Pack

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