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Part Two of Our One-on-One Interview Brendan Schaub

Posted by Rogue Crew on Dec 31st 2022

Sitting down with the very successful entertainer and comedian, Brendan Schaub, to talk about Rogue is not only eye opening but also helps give a peek into what makes him tick and how to pair Rogue products to make a great experience even better.

If you haven’t read up on our first interview with the world renowned podcaster and whiskey entrepreneur, you’re missing out. Find out what it’s like in the entertainment business as well as advice for those who’d like to break into the industry.

Let’s dive right in and get to know Brendan in a sphere you may not have expected as well as getting some excellent tips and tricks to help you make an awesome Rogue experience.

Rogue team

How did you discover Rogue?

Brendan Schaub

I’ve used other nicotine products in the past but never found anything that had both great flavor and a natural feeling in my mouth. When I first tried Rogue pouches, I instantly knew I had a product I could rely on and I’ve been using them ever since.

Rogue team

How long have you been a fan?

Brendan Schaub

I’ve been a fan of Rogue for over two years now.

Rogue team

What do you like about Rogue products?

Brendan Schaub

I absolutely love the wide array of flavors that Rogue provides. I’m always using the pouches and I like to mix and match flavors via their available variety packs. Another thing I love about the pouches is that they are so easy to travel with. I’m on the road a lot and Rogue products are perfect for that kind of lifestyle.

Rogue team

What are your go-to flavors?

Brendan Schaub

For me, my favorite flavors have to be Honey Lemon and Mango, but in all honesty, they are all amazing. I can use any flavor and have a great experience.

Rogue team

Where is your favorite place to “do it”?

Brendan Schaub

My favorite place to do Rogue would have to be on stage. They are inconspicuous and comfortable in my mouth so there are no issues even when I am doing an hour-long set. They help get me into “go” mode before a show and now I can’t get on stage without them.

Rogue team

What flavor pairs well with your whiskey, in your opinion?

Brendan Schaub

All the flavors pair well with Tiger Thiccc Whiskey, but I’ve really enjoyed the combination with the Cinnamon. Especially right now with the holidaysit really makes for an intense festive experience.


Getting to know Brendan on this level has helped us uncover the man behind the name and the personality behind the superstar.

Breaking down these walls has opened us up to:

  • How down-to-earth he really is
  • How the little things can make a difference
  • How much Rogue pouches can create an exceptional occasion

Make sure to see Brendan on the road. Check out local dates and locations to see what all around success and humor truly look like.

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