WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How Are Rogue Nicotine Tablets Made? All Your Questions Answered.

How Are Rogue Nicotine Tablets Made? All Your Questions Answered.

Posted by Rogue Crew on Aug 19th 2021

How Are Rogue Nicotine Tablets Made?

Rogue uses a source, combine, and create philosophy to introduce the market’s first nicotine tablets. This three-stage manufacturing process gives adults a new nicotine alternative that checks all the right boxes.

The source phase consists of Rogue steam extracting nicotine from quality tobacco leaves. Then we bring together nicotine with sugar-free food-grade ingredients to make nicotine polacrilex. These two steps translate to a nicotine tablet that delivers instant satisfaction. Rogue nicotine tablets are spit-free, stain-free, and made in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients.

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FAQs: Rogue Nicotine Tablets

We’re just scratching the surface of what Rogue nicotine tablets have to offer. Take a look at our frequently asked questions for more insight on Rogue nicotine tablets’ forward-thinking design.

How Do I Use Rogue Nicotine Tablets?

Rogue nicotine tablets work exclusively on your terms. Take a Rogue tablet out of its tin and pop it under your tongue to take a step toward fast-acting nicotine satisfaction. Approximately three minutes is all it takes for you to go Rogue through our tablet’s quick-dissolving design. Twenty tablets per tin translates to fewer trips to the store and more time for the present moment.

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What Rogue Nicotine Tablet Strengths Are Available?

Rogue offers 4mg and 2mg nicotine tablet strengths for a more personalized experience. Adults who’ve never tried a Rogue product might consider opting for a lower-strength tablet. Casual nicotine use during a fishing trip or a movie night may call for a 2mg strength. Rogue offers different nicotine strengths to keep your personal preferences a priority.

What Flavors Do Rogue Nicotine Tablets Come In?

Three savory flavors allow Rogue nicotine tablets to cater to each individual’s tastes. Rogue peppermint tablets contain a crisp, cool flavor. Wintergreen flavored Rogue tablets offer a minty taste that’s smooth and refreshing. Adults seeking a new fruit flavor can opt for Rogue’s berry tablets that taste like a raspberry plucked from a strawberry patch.

How Do Rogue Nicotine Tablets Differ from Other Nicotine Products?

Rogue Tablets allow you to transcend the boundaries of nicotine enjoyment with a modern design that’s instantly accessible. Say goodbye to removing yourself from the action to achieve nicotine satisfaction. Rogue tablets are for the here and now. Whether you’re on or off the clock, Rogue nicotine tablets allow you to be yourself 24/7.

Are you wondering where you can purchase Rogue nicotine tablets? Shop our entire collection of nicotine tablets online or use our Store Locator tool to find a retailer near you offering Rogue products. 

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