WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

New Flavor Alert Spearmint Nicotine Pouches from Rogue Are Here

Posted by Rogue Crew on Mar 7th 2022

Rogue Spearmint Pouch Flavor Spotlight

Rogue’s all-new Spearmint nicotine pouches deliver a delicate wave of mint flavor with a fresh cooling sensation. Spearmint Rogue pouches are perfect when you’re seeking a distinct mint flavor that’s mild and refreshing.

Access the savory taste of a Rogue Wintergreen pouch this season when you’re:

  • Journeying out on a Spring hike
  • Stargazing on the beach
  • Golfing with your pals
  • Making your favorite dishes or deserts

The ideal spearmint nicotine flavor is now within arm’s reach. Take time for yourself and try all-new Rogue Spearmint pouches that revitalize your nicotine experience.

How to Use Rogue Spearmint Pouches

Receive more nicotine satisfaction with Rogue Spearmint pouches that last up to 60 minutes. Pop opena Rogue Spearmint pouch tin and place a single pouch under your upper lip to access fresh mint nicotine flavor on-demand. Our tins contain twenty pouches, so you can spend more time going Rogue and less time traveling to the store. Rogue Spearmint pouches are initially available in 6mgnicotine strength and will later be available in 3mg.

How Rogue Spearmint Pouches Are Made

Rogue Spearmint pouches are made in the US with domestic and imported ingredients.Our three-stage source, combine, create manufacturing philosophy culminates in delicious Spearmint nicotine flavor that’s sugar-free. We source our Spearmint pouches’ nicotine through steam extraction before combining the nicotine with inactive food-grade ingredients. These sugar-free food-grade ingredients provide our Spearmint pouches with grade-A mint taste and a texture that fits comfortably within your lip.

We sell our pouches online and in 40,000 stores nationwide. Our site’s WHERE TO BUY tool streamlines your ability to find a retailer near you selling Rogue pouches. Order all-new Rogue Spearmint pouches online to discover free shipping promos and discounts on multi-pack orders that contain five tins per pack.

Welcome to the Rogue pouch family, Spearmint. 

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