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​Top Rated Water Sports for 2023: Must Trys for Beginners

Posted by Rogue Crew on Aug 28th 2023

There’s nothing more satisfying than tackling a new sport and having fun while doing it. For thrillseekers looking to develop new skills and foster confidence this summer, water sports might be the way to go. Below find a list of some of Rogue’s favorite options for a summer full of fun and adventure.

Catchin’ the waves

Surfing is probably one of the most iconic of water sports that people jump right to when they plan on trying something new. Maybe it’s because it’s also one of the most beginner-friendly pastimes seen on the beaches of Hawaii, California, Costa Rica and Australia. You can’t go a stone’s throw without hitting a surf camp or training shack to help you master popping up on the board.

We’d suggest taking the time to learn some of those basic techniques before heading straight out into the water not only because movies and tv shows make it look way easier than it really is, but also because you want to learn how to surf correctly so you can get better over time.

Snowboarding skills meets the water

For you snowboarding enthusiasts who want to try wakeboarding, we highly urge the crossover. You’ve already got a leg up on many who don’t know the fundamentals of riding a board, but don’t get cocky and think you can strap yourself in and ride the water like you do the snow. There is a much different feel when you’re being towed over a down hill drive and it may take a few runs to feel steady.

Wakeboarding is easier to learn and master than water skiing, which is exactly why we’re putting our stamp of approval on it for summer water fun. You can find many great lakes all over the U.S. that not only provide classes, but also the equipment, including the boat, to make it totally worth your while to get out there and dominate.

Kayaking adventures

One of the most accessible and fairly intuitive water sports is kayaking. You can start with either the more traditional sit-inside kayaks or very novice-friendly sit-on-top kayaks. Either one is great for exploring local rivers, lakes, coastal areas, and there are plenty of guided tours at the Hoover Dam or along the Great Lakes area when you’re ready for a destination getaway.

What makes kayaking so straightforward is that you can and should start on calm waters, but if small wakes creep up during the heat of the day, the boat is quite stable and you can get yourself back to shore very easily. Plus, the exertion level can be dialed down to a minimum as you slice through the water without breaking a sweat.

Whitewater what?

If the thought of being on the water should invoke excitement, bring on the rapids with whitewater rafting. Under the supervision of a local guide, rafting down rivers like the Nantahala in North Carolina or the South Fork American River in California will get your heart racing, and it doesn’t take much time to go through the basics before getting on the river.

Whitewater rafting is great whether you’re out with a couple buddies or have a bigger group looking for excitement. In addition, take the opportunity in calm areas to break from rafting and do a little bit of cliff jumping to cool you off. Then hop back in and charge right into the next set of rapids.

Hitting below the… water

Don’t be intimidated by the idea of going scuba diving; it will open a whole new world for you. Taking scuba lessons will get you certified and help you not only learn the basics, but also give you the fundamentals to add on to your capabilities and doing much deeper or exploratory dives.

One of the best things about scuba diving is you can go at your own pace. If you’re not ready right away to dive above vast abysses, keep it to shallower waters and build from there. Some people have compared scuba diving to flying; that sense of seeing the ground below but being above. It’s truly a different perspective that you can’t get anywhere else.

Rogue + Water Sports = Endless Fun

For all of you who got your degrees in aquatics and really want to amp it up a little… or A LOT, make sure to make the most of what’s left of summer with Rogue and do something new, different and exciting in, on or under the water. There truly isn’t anything better than doing something you’ve never done before, conquering some deep fear you might have and making the most of each day.

Find a new hobby or adventure this summer with one of these top-rated water sports that offer beginners an exciting way to enjoy the water!

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