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Top Places to Travel With Your Dog: Celebrating National Pet Month

Posted by Rogue Crew on Apr 28th 2023

To help celebrate National Pet Month in April, we thought it would be a great time to talk about vacation spots that are ideal for you to visit sometime this year with your furry (or otherwise) best friends and of course with Rogue. Find unique adventures without having to leave your pet with a sitter or stuck in a hotel room.

For the sake of saving some time and effort, we understand that a good portion of us are talking about our dogs when we think about vacationing with a pet. This isn’t to say that cats, birds, hamsters or iguanas are being excluded, but the laws and limitations might be a little different depending on the type of pet you have and the local or state restrictions that are in place to protect your little travel companions. Be sure to do your research before heading out of town with any pet so you’ll be well prepared.

Hound heaven - Bend, Oregon

Nestled in a valley in the middle of Oregon, you’ll find Bend. The city boasts an astonishing 13 off-leash areas for dogs to run around in; this is quite an amazing number when you consider that Bend is not a major metropolitan city. Then, you add in the 50+ miles of trails within the city limits and tons more nearby, you’ve got the perfect combination of mountain air and dog-friendly places to roam.

For the serious outdoor enthusiasts, the North Fork Trail is considered to be moderately challenging and is open year-round. Just come prepared with plenty of food and water for everyone and don’t be too surprised if you see horseback riders and mountain bikers along the way.

Bone appetit - Asheville, North Carolina

For a city that claims to have the title of Dog City, USA, Asheville is sure living up to this with so many hotels and restaurants catering to the pooches. In fact, some of the hotels don’t charge pet fees and toss in a doggy swag bag with a gourmet treat and chew toy.

When it’s time to eat, you shouldn’t find it hard to find restaurants that not only welcome your dog, but have special dog menus. Take advantage of the outdoor patios and endless access to water bowls as you enjoy a craft beer and burger, which Asheville is also known for having.

Doggone fun - Sedona, Arizona

Head out among the stunning red rock landscapes and rivers, and don’t forget to bring your camera to Sedona. Bell Rock Pathway may be your best bet for a hike as it is rated easy, specifically calls out being a dog-friendly trail, and will give you and your four-legged friend fantastic views of well-known landmarks in the area.

A quick note here, not that we’re trying to be a smart-arse about this, but this is Arizona, people! June, July and August aren’t the best months to visit, unless you enjoy the sweltering heat. Especially for animals that aren’t acclimated to such extreme temperatures.

At the end of the day, take in a great meal together, we recommend trying the cactus fries and putting your feet up at one of the pet-friendly hotels. Many of them boast fantastic views and special dog beds to pamper your pooch.

Paws-itively perfect - Bar Harbor, Maine

Setting sail on a cruise around Bar Harbor and out to Frenchman Bay on a schooner may be what your dog wants. Of course, you have to go, too, but we won’t ruin your reputation by admitting you’ll get a kick out of it as well.

If your furry friend isn’t one for the open waters, take him on an island exploring expedition aboard a free (yes, free!) shuttle bus that makes many stops, takes you around Acadia National Park and the only requirement is that your pet stays on a leash. Doesn’t get much better than that, does it?

Don’t worry once you’re back in town, there are more than a fair share of cafes, restaurants and hotels that are pup-friendly. Take a moment to unwind as you let all your friends back home in on the deets of the vacay.

Fur real - Portland, Oregon

Portland is a recreational area for pooches just as much as for people. The city touts several off-leash parks, shaded trails and pathways, and even has social clubs that have dedicated dog entrances and host events like Dogtoberfest.

If you time things just right, there are K9 disc throwing competitions – frisbee for those of us not in the know. These are agility and talent events where dogs and their owner perform tricks while trying to catch disks. And you don’t have to get your dog trained to compete, simply sit back and watch the acrobatics happen while you dream your buddy was able to do something as basic as fetch.

Round of ap-paws - New York City, New York

When it comes to NYC, the dog-friendly possibilities are almost endless: parks, restaurants, open-air markets, fairs, tours and so much more. You could stay there for weeks and probably only scratch the surface of activities and places to go with your pooch.

There is one canine-focused festivity that is worth the time, energy and creativity it takes to participate in. Just before Halloween in Tompkins Square, the city hosts a Halloween parade that has pet owners showing off their ingenuity and artistry, and not just with the animal costumes, but their own, too; clever themes that run the gamut. And the best part of it all, it’s free to enter and walk with your dog, no costumes required, but highly recommended!

Well, hot dog - San Diego, California

Life is a beach is no joke when talking about San Diego. In fact, the city may take pooch-friendly access to a new level with special access and areas for you both to take in a Padres game. The Barkyard boasts pet drinking fountains and special artificial turf that stays cool.

If that isn’t enough excitement for you, check out one of the wiener dog races that happen everywhere from Balboa Park to the Del Mar Track. You don’t have to love dachshunds or even own one to get a kick out of watching their little legs working hard to cross the finish line. Plus, most of these races are accompanied by doggy social times, no matter what breed your dog may be.

Round it all up with Rogue

No matter where you decide to go with your furry companion(s) or what activities you feel would make your vacations worthwhile and memorable, be sure to have Rogue by your side, too. Whether it’s the convenience of the Pouches, the instant satisfaction that comes with the fast-acting Tablets, the long-lasting great taste of Gum or the steady, reliable release of Lozenges, you’ll know that every moment with your dog, cat, bird, hamster or iguana is lived to its fullest.

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