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The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the U.S. 

The Most Dangerous Hiking Trails in the U.S. 

Posted by Rogue Crew on Sep 12th 2021

Those who hike to achieve the ultimate adrenaline rush won’t settle for tame (aka lame) trails. It is all about the temptation and turn-on of action and adventure, and even a near-death experience is not necessarily a deal-breaker. What is fun for some is just plain boring for others.

If you are the type of person who hikes to feel the exhilaration of achieving new goals, getting further than the fella before you did, and returning home with never-boring bragging rights, these dangerous U.S. hiking trails are perfect for your passion.

Newbies to the hiking world and the faint of heart had best stick to the beaten path, but if you are up for the uncertainty of it all (or have a death wish), consider one of these hiking trails below the next time you are ready to roam. You will either feel like the king of the world or a fool with a leg fracture, but at least you put in your best effort. Pack your favorite Rogue nicotine product and test out these five hikes from hell.

The Maze - Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Any trail called “The Maze” is obviously no basic walk in the park. There are twists, turns, dips, and danger. The Maze is quite remote, far from any surrounding roads and anyone who can come get you if you get lost, hurt, or simply scared. Hikers spend days navigating The Maze, with limited access to drinking water as they navigate its deep canyons and 13+ miles of brutal trails. Not to mention, the temperature can soar well above 100 degrees, so not only will your nerves be shot, you'll be sweltering, too. Good luck.

Devil’s Path - Catskills, New York

Say the devil made you do it as you leave your loved ones behind for a hike that is sure to be tedious and treacherous. Considered one of the Catskills’ most hazardous hiking trails, this 25-mile long path is a dangerous terrain with steep cliffs and mountainsides. The hiking area is super woodsy and wild animals are lurking anywhere. There are some serious obstacles and intricacies, with various peaks along the hike to explore. If you are daring enough to hike Devil’s Path, your reward will be the sights of magnificent waterfalls. Just don’t slip on the wet rocks as you pose for selfies.

Muir Snowfield - Mt. Ranier, Washington

Hikers who won’t let the blasting bone-chilling cold curtail their curiosity will travel the distance to Muir Snowfield, attempting to reach the summit in the sky. It is freezing and particularly perilous, with numerous accidents and deaths reported along the mountain each year… Red flag! Yet avid hikers enjoy the opportunity…and the spectacular scenery, especially the glaciers. It’s steep; breathing becomes labored and the days are long and tiresome. And with conditions cooler than Rogue winter pouches, heading back down to “civilization” can be a threatening trek.

Rover’s Run - Anchorage, Alaska

If the big brown bears are not enough to scare you off, perhaps the severe weather, confusing paths, and thrill-seeking bikers will have you wishing you stayed home and sat this one out. Rover’s Run is not anything elaborate, and it is a lot shorter than most of the states’ more dangerous trails. But this one gets stone frozen in winter, sludgy and muddy come summer, and super narrow when the lush landscape grows in thick and green.

Barr Trail - Manitou Springs, Colorado

Hikers are willing to risk it all thanks to lightning bolts zapping them as they trek to Barr Trail’s Pikes Peak, over 14,000 feet towards the heavens. The trail itself is more than 13 miles long, where visitors dodge strong wild winds and serious storms. Why do this one? If you are not afraid of being fried, the views are picturesque and phenomenal. The altitude situation may leave you gasping for air, but you will breathe a big sigh of relief when you’ve made it back to home base without a nosebleed.

Hey hikers! Are you ready to put your wellbeing in jeopardy for the pleasure of pushing yourself to the limit? One of these five U.S. trails is sure to stimulate your senses (perhaps not your common sense), charging you up for the challenge. If you make it back to your friends and family in one piece, consider yourself a pro. And if hiking becomes too much of a liability, you can always take up tai chi. 

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