WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

​Rogue Do it Series: Do It on The Train

Posted by Rogue Crew on May 19th 2022

Whether you commute to work or are simply seeking a cross country adventure, Rogue products can easily be used on a train or commuter rail.

Below are some helpful tips on riding rail while also enjoying Rogue nicotine products.

Reserve your Ticket

Don’t forget your tin. But also, don’t forget your ticket.

Most modern rail systems have a mobile interface for purchasing fare. Do yourself a favor and grab yours ahead of time. You’ll avoid long lines and touching filthy kiosks.

Bring Food and Alcohol

Unlike those pesky airlines, you can actually bring your own snacks and alcoholic beverages [and Rogue products] on board. There are still train guidelines you have to follow though. You can also purchase both food and drinks onboard the train, but you are allowed to bring your own stuff if you want to save some money.

Delays will Happen

Be ready for train delays when you’re travelling. Leading long distance passenger train providers share the railways with freight trains. The freight trains are given priority, so you will probably run into situations where you might have to wait for passing trains.

Reserve a Room for Overnight Trips

While not mandatory, you’ll have a far better time with long distance train trips if you’ve reserved a room in the train’s sleeping car. Not only will you have a dedicated space to sleep, you’ll have access to a shower and complimentary bottled water, sodas, and coffee as well as an attendant for your sleeping cabin (bring cash for a tip).

In Conclusion

It goes without saying: Rogue Nicotine products areportable and easy to travel with.

They’re spit-free, sugar-free, and don’t stain your teeth. In other words, you can feel at ease using Rogue Nicotine products and maintain your sense of freedom.

This is the first of many ‘do it’ series to come. Keep an eye out for more tips and advice on traveling with Rogue Nicotine Products.

So grab some Rogue, reserve a ticket, and get chugging along on your next railroad adventure.

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