WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

New Flavor Alert: ​Berry Nicotine Pouches from Rogue Are Here!

Posted by Rogue Crew on Mar 7th 2022

Rogue’s new Berry pouches contain a balanced blend of fresh fruit flavor that consistently satisfies. Popping in a Rogue Berry pouch is like tasting a raspberry that was raised in a blueberry patch. These new pouches distill fan-favorite fruits into a single flavor that raises the bar on what a nicotine pouch can offer.

You’ll find that Rogue Berry pouches are ripe for any season. Moderately tart and intensely satisfying, our all-new Berry pouches allow you to go Rogue when you’re:

  • At a wine or beer tasting event
  • Listening to your favorite playlist
  • Hosting game night
  • Cozying up with a great book and aromatherapy
  • On the ski-lift, before you hit your favorite slopes
  • Planning your near-future tropical getaway

Where do you plan on going Rogue this season?

How to Use Rogue Berry Pouches

Full-bodied fruit nicotine flavor is a pocket-reach away. Insert a single Rogue Berry Pouch in your upper lip to achieve up to sixty minutes of nicotine fulfillment. Each tin contains twenty pouches that are designed for the here and now. Personalize the way you go Rogue with our Berry pouches’ nicotine strengths that are initially available in 6mg.

How Rogue Berry Pouches Are Made

A chemistry-backed source, combine and create approach supplies Rogue Berry pouches with a savory burst of fruit flavor that’s sugar-free and made in the US with domestic and imported ingredients.

We source our pouches’ nicotine through a steam-extraction process before combining the nicotine with inactive food-grade ingredients. These sugar-free food-grade ingredients establish a high-caliber Berry taste and form a seamless pouch texture. You can experience the delectable flavor of our all-new Berry pouches by ordering one or more Rogue Berry Pouch packs through our site. Each pack of Rogue Berry pouches comes with five tins. Our virtual WHERE TO BUY TOOL will help you discover a retailer nearby selling Rogue products. 

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