WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

New Flavor Alert: Apple Nicotine Pouches from Rogue are Here

New Flavor Alert: Apple Nicotine Pouches from Rogue are Here

Posted by Rogue Crew on Jul 29th 2021

Flavor Spotlight: Rogue Apple Nicotine Pouches

Hit the refresh button on your nicotine experience with a can of Rogue’s brand-new apple nicotine pouches. Each Rogue apple pouch tastes like a ripe green apple plucked fresh from an orchard tree. Pop in a Rogue apple pouch and increase your nicotine satisfaction with a crisp and juicy flavor that’s complemented by a mild but alluring tang. Rogue apple pouches deliver from start to finish with a full-bodied flavor that’s precisely balanced. 

Keep savory fruit flavor a pocket-reach away. Perfect for summertime, relax during a fun-filled day at the beach or on the lake and use a green apple nicotine pouch to go Rogue. These pouches pack big flavor and are always ripe for the picking.

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How to Use Rogue Apple Pouches

Add a new layer of convenience to your nicotine enjoyment with Rogue’s apple pouches’ accessible design. Open up a can of Rogue green apple nicotine pouches, and you’ll find twenty individual pouches that consistently satisfy. Place a single pouch under your upper lip to take your one and only step toward going Rogue. Each Rogue apple pouch lasts for up to one hour so you can remove unnecessary time limits from your nicotine fulfillment. Twenty individual Rogue apple pouches per can are five more than other brands so you can cross inconvenient trips to the store off your to-do list. Go Rogue and try our new Apple variety Pouches in6mg strength today.

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How Rogue Apple Pouches Are Made

Rogue’s new apple flavored nicotine pouch is made through a source, combine, and create approach. Bright and crisp apple pouch taste begins with Rogue steam extracting nicotine that’s then combined with sugar-free food-grade ingredients. All Rogue nicotine pouches contain zero sugar (without compromising any flavor). Each pouch is spit-free, stain-free, and made in the USA with domestic and imported ingredients.

Are you ready to experience Rogue’s newest nicotine pouch flavor? Rogue’s apple flavored nicotine pouches are available for a limited time. Pre-order online our site starting July 19th to receive a front-row introduction to our latest flavor. You can also try our other new flavor, spicy Cinnamon!

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DISCLAIMER: Pre-orders will ship by August 15th.

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