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How to Layer up for Your Cold Weather Getaway

How to Layer up for Your Cold Weather Getaway

Posted by Rogue Crew on Feb 15th 2022

Skip your online search for “how to layer up for Winter men/women” and step right this way.

Vacationing outdoors during cold months can be trying—but Rogue knows you’re up for it. Learn how to layer up in Winter the right way, and you’ll be able to make the most of your favorite new and old cold weather destinations.

Whether you’re hitting the slopes or taking Winter’s views from a cozy cabin, the primary goal of layering up during cold weather excursions is to keep yourself warm and dry. Proper layering wicks away moisture, maintains heat, and puts up a wall between your skin and the cold so you can hit the slopes comfortably and confidently.

Your ability to remain warm on and off the slopes hinges on your ability to adjust and adapt to different low-temperature conditions.

Cold Weather Layering Tip: Adjust and Adapt

You’re less likely to sweat during cold-weather activities if you layer up when you’re a bit cold.

Start out with fewer layers than you need and add a layer or two as you break in your skis’, snowboard, or give ice-skating your best shot. If you’re finding yourself sweaty while sporting minimal layers, take frequent breaks and spend time enjoying your favorite Rogue nicotine products. You’re on vacation after all.

You might be able to ditch additional outerwear like gloves when exploring your cold weather destination. Tossing on another layer can warm up your extremities in place of extra outerwear—but there’s no harm in bringing that fashionable cold-weather hat along for the ride.

We’ve established that layers are going to help you thrive during your low-temperature outings. Now we’re going to examine how you can select your base, middle, and outer layers like a true outdoor adventurer.

Discover more information on how to layer up for the Winter to keep warm below.

How to Select a Base Layer for Cold Weather Outings

Your base layer is vital to a successful cold weather getaway since wicks away sweat and moisture from your body. Base layers can be lightweight, middleweight, or heavyweight. You want to focus on comfortable, lightweight base layer materials that protect your skin from sweat. Cotton sustains moisture and can leave your teeth chattering. Natural fibers like wool are often your best bet over synthetic fabrics like polyester—but synthetic base layers can be adequate for running with their lightweight, breathable nature.

Your next ski or snowboard session can benefit from a light or middleweight layer, while activities like climbing can benefit from a loose-fitting base layer.

Now, onto mid-layers.

An Overview of Choosing Mid-Layers

An exceptional mid-layer will insulate your body’s warmth and separate you from the chilly surrounding air.

Common insulating mid-layer materials include:

  • Down
  • Wool
  • Fleece
  • Various synthetic fabrics

Your decision to select one or two mid-layers should depend on how vigorous your outdoor activity is and the current temperature. You’re more likely to sweat when hitting a double black diamond trail, while a light day of skiing or snowboarding may warranty one mid-layer.

Down helps you insulate in cold and dry conditions and isn’t super heavy. While moisture is down’s kryptonite, you can acquire water-resistant down—a material that’s an invaluable asset on the slopes.

Wool is steadily gaining traction in the mid-layer market since the material boasts impressive wicking and insulation capabilities.

You can purchase fleece mid-layers in an array of styles at an affordable price. One of fleece’s most unique benefits is its ability to maintain insulation while wet.

We’re more than halfway there. Let’s bring this home with some outer layer tips that will raise your comfortability outside of your usual warm.

How to Optimize Your Outer Layer

Your outer or third layer is a protective layer that shields you from elements while helping you stay warm. A solid outer layer is waterproof or water-resistant and will have excellent ventilation to mitigate moisture.

Images of an oversized, puffy jacket might come to mind when you think of a cold-weather outer layer, but you can always utilize something thinner like a windbreaker when temperatures aren’t too cold. Consider moving up a size when buying outer layers since you’ll most likely be sporting one or two mid-layers and a base layer underneath. While an extra layer may keep your extremities warm, you can go above and beyond by adding temperature regulating gloves, hats, socks, and shoes to your cold-weather activity repertoire.

Additional Gear for Cold Weather Activities

Is your hat wet after taking an unexpected tumble on the slopes? Don’t worry—it happens. Wool and fleece hats won’t lose their heat retention abilities—even when wet.

Ear bands and neck gaiters can serve as alternatives for cold-weather hats when you’re considering how to layer up in cold weather.

Choosing cold weather gloves involves selecting a product that has the right level of insulation and coverage. Lightweight gloves can give skiers more mobility, while midweight gloves tend to be the most popular option for snow sport enthusiasts. Chances are you won’t need a pair of heavy gloves since these clothing items are best reserved for high-altitude mountain climbing or prolonged time spent ice fishing.

Thicker socks don’t necessarily mean warmer socks. There’s a chance that thicker socks can leave your feet with blisters, especially after being in boots all day. Consider keeping your feet comfortable with the lightweight and insulating design of Merino wool socks. You can thank us later.

Now that you’ve learned how to layer up and stay warm in the Winter, are you ready to launch your next outdoor cold-weather adventure with Rogue?

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