WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flavor Focus: Fruit Nicotine Gum from Rogue

Flavor Focus: Fruit Nicotine Gum from Rogue

Jun 3rd 2021

Rogue Fruit Nicotine Gum Flavor Spotlight

Rogue fruit nicotine gum is like having on-demand access to a chilled bowl of fruit cocktail. The full-flavored richness is a recipe for nicotine satisfaction. Adults can enjoy the fruity flavor blast that Rogue fruit nicotine gum contains without consuming any sugar. Rogue fruit gum’s refreshing taste perfectly complements the stimulating boost that you’ll receive.

Nicotine enjoyment shouldn’t require you to separate yourself from your environment. Rogue fruit nicotine gum allows you to be yourself anywhere you go. Pop a piece of Rogue fruit nicotine gum in so you can stay in the zone during crunch time at work. Relax during gaming sessions or time spent watching the game and go Rogue.

Rogue fruit gum fills in the blanks of the typical nicotine experience by offering adults a low-key and forward-thinking nicotine alternative.

How to Use Rogue Fruit Nicotine Gum

Rogue puts a modern spin on nicotine gum by skipping your typical “chew and park” design. The result is higher levels of nicotine satisfaction at lower mg levels. Rogue fruit nicotine gum comes in 4mg and 2mg nicotine strengths. The nicotine strength you choose will come down to your personal preferences. Not sure what you like? We suggest trying the lower strength first.

How Rogue Fruit Gum Is Made

Rogue fruit nicotine gum’s domestic manufacturing process thrives on a source, combine, and create approach. The product creation process begins with Rogue steam-extracting nicotine that’s then combined with sugar-free food-grade ingredients. Rogue’s final result is a spit-free and stain-free nicotine gum that adults can enjoy for up to thirty minutes.

Skip the “chew and park” procedure and enjoy Rogue fruit nicotine gum. Find Rogue fruit nicotine gum near you with our Store Locator tool. Better yet, shop online and get the our gum at the best prices with fast shipping.

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