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​Essential Hiking Guide & Hiking 101: Rogue Do It Series

​Essential Hiking Guide & Hiking 101: Rogue Do It Series

Posted by Rogue Crew on Aug 26th 2022

Rogue’s nicotine products are great for people on the go, including hikers.

If you haven’t yet, take a moment to check out our 101 below, which includes real world advice from renowned athlete and comedy entertainer, Brendan Schaub.

Find the Right Spot

Plan ahead for your hike. You should do some research into trails in the area before you head out. This will help you know what to expect. Just look into hiking spots near where you live and find the places that best fit the vibe you’re going for. This will also help you put together the right supplies for the hike you’re choosing.

“LA has the best hiking in America you just have to know where to go. some of my favs are Santa Monica Mountains near Malibu, Griffith park” – Brendan Schaub

Plenty of Water

Other than running out of Rogue Pouches, nothing will ruin your hike more than running out of water. Especially if you live somewhere that’s hot or dry. Always bring more than you think you’ll need. It doesn’t really weigh too much, and there’s not really a downside to having too much water.

Check the Weather and Know the Environment

Make sure you bring the clothes and equipment for whatever weather you’ll be dealing with. In a lot of places, the weather might change quickly. Good rule of thumb, especially in the Rocky Mountains, is to be back below the tree line before noon to 1pm to avoid the afternoon storms. Regardless of where you’re hiking though, always bring a jacket. It’s usually a little cooler than you’d think in the mountains.

If you’re hiking out in California, the mountains are arid -- You may get the cool ocean breeze to help you along if you’re close enough to the coast, but you will want to be prepared for a dryer climate regardless.

In contrast, if you’re hiking around in somewhere like Florida or elsewhere on the Gulf of Southern Atlantic coast, you may have to deal with a little bit or maybe even a lot of humidity. If you sweat a lot, bring a change of clothes, including an extra shirt.


A hike is always better with snacks. Bring some food like a trail mix that’s easy to eat while you walk. You should also bring a sandwich or something for lunch if the hike you’ve chosen will last more than a few hours. Like we said above, make sure you’ve researched ahead of time.

Bring a Backpack

You’ll need something to carry all that that food and water you’re now bringing with you. It’ll also be a great spot to store your Rogue products if your pockets aren’t big enough or you don’t have any.

It’s Cool to Go It Alone

“….I love being in nature alone with my thoughts since I talk for a living whether its stand up or podcasting I’m sick of hearing my voice all the time. It’s rare I’m in silence.” -Brendan Schaub

You can still take that hike even if no one’s able to go with you! Sometimes it’s nice to just get out into nature by yourself and get some distance from your day to day. It’ll probably end up being a super relaxing experience.

Keeping all of this in mind should help set you up for an awesome day out hiking. Basically, just plan and take care of yourself while you’re out there. For more information on Brendan Schaub, head on over to his bio linked here

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