WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

​Do it at Work With Rogue Nicotine

Posted by Rogue Crew on Feb 1st 2023

Unlike earlier iterations of nicotine products, Rogue nicotine is extremely gratifying. It’s sleek build and somewhat indiscernible nature also make it easy to enjoy just about anywhere. That includes work.

While it can typically be said that the majority of the American workforce is allowed to enjoy Rogue product(s) at work, there are some things to consider.

Working From Home With Rogue

A post pandemic era provides tons of flexibility when it comes to working from home. If you fit into this category, you’re likely able to use your favorite product to your heart’s content. Side note, your coworkers will rarely notice Rogue in your mouth.

That said, what about the office? Does anything change here?

Going Rogue in the Office

Use your discretion as circumstances may change a little when it comes to the office. That said, Rogue nicotine’s products blend in well – We offer a variety of fresh flavors in a nicotine gum that can be chewed just as you would with regular gum. Likewise, our pouches, tablets and lozenges aren’t as distinguishable as some traditional nicotine products– this is great for anybody looking for an anytime / anywhere smoking alternative.

Note - If you’re uncertain about company policy please check with your employer first before enjoying Rogue products at work.

Enjoying Rogue on Break

Breaks are key to a successful work week. Why not enjoy Rogue while you’re at it? Whether it’s a morning trip to the local coffee shop, or a midday lunch break, Rogue has you covered. Choose from a number of products in all types of flavors – everything from our Fruit Flavored Gum to our refreshing Peppermint Tablets.

Other Places to Enjoy Rogue on Lunch Break

If break time is occupied by one or many of life’s mundane chores, that’s okay – you can still enjoy Rogue in most other places too. This might include:

The Post Office

Your local hair stylist

The bank

The gym

A lunch date

Work Travel

We covered this in some detail in an earlier post, but Rogue Nicotine products are a perfect choice for work travel. Whether it’s the TSA or rail authority, Rogue products are convenient and easy on the go. Click here to learn more.


So whether you’re filing TPS reports, researching the internet, or just stretching your legs, make sure to have Rogue product(s) within arms reach. Our line-up of quality nicotine products is sure to satisfy from 9 all the way to 5 and beyond.

For more information on where to find Rogue products near you check our store locator by clicking here.

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