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​Best Ways to Celebrate this Fourth of July

Posted by Rogue Crew on Jun 21st 2023

There is nothing like making the most of your Independence Day, especially if you are one of those that is going to make a long weekend out of it and live it to the fullest. If you’re not able to take more than just the 4th of July off, we have some great activities to not only make this year’s celebration one to remember, but may also get you thinking about what kinds of things you can start planning for next year.

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Don’t diss the parade

For some of you the thought of getting up early, staking your claim to a spot and waiting for the whole thing to begin may seem like the beginnings of a bad novel, but we’re telling you to give it another try. There is something special about local marching bands, decorative floats and waving flags that simply can’t be beat.

If there isn’t one that’s held nearby, make a trip out to one of the smaller cities and experience a community gathering in a new light. Plus, when you pair this with Rogue Wintergreen Gum, you might feel a coolness take over as the day gets warmer.

Ramp up your recreations

We get it that most of you might have already crossed the parade potential off your list… doesn’t get your blood flowing or heart rate racing. In that case, get yourself out to the games! Motocross, monster truck, rodeo, MMA fight, soccer or baseball all have events across that country that could make this July 4th something to remember.

For those of us that don’t live in or near a major city that holds these kinds of events, get a group together and make a road trip out of it. With so many entertainment options over the holiday weekend, the possibilities are endless and the recreation factor is off the charts. And, to keep the good times flowing all weekend long, spice things up with Rogue Cinnamon Pouches for the time of your life.

A round or two of golf

When high octane isn’t what you’re in the mood for, but the great outdoors (and light beers) are calling, try hunting pins with your buddies. And if you can, get out on a course that you’ve never been to, especially one that’s located near somewhere you’ve been dying to visit. They don’t have to be places like Augusta, Georgia or Pebble Beach, California, but think about places like Park City, Utah or Anchorage, Alaska where the temperatures are a little cooler and the views are nothing short of spectacular.

Tight on cash? Try mini golf. (Queue laughter from the peanut gallery.) But seriously. Certain Travel sites even have categories for mini golf courses. And years from now you can think back like “hey, remember when we mini golfed on the 4th of July?”

But whether you’re ready to tackle the back nine, full 18 or putt-putt golf, we’d suggest making sure you have plenty of Rogue Citrus Lozenges to keep the mood sweet with a little bit of tart as a reminder that life, as well as your golf scores, have their ups and downs.

Fireworks for the win

We couldn’t truly round out an Independence Day celebration without talking about great fireworks shows around the nation. It’s true that most mid to large size cities have some firework display that covers the city in fantastic light shows. Other cities take this to a whole new level and totally leave you in awe by the grand finale. Some of those cities include:

  • New York City (of course)
  • Washington D.C. (naturally)
  • Boston (obviously)
  • Lake Tahoe (break out the beer)
  • Nashville (cue the music)
  • Pasadena (‘rose’ to the occasion)
  • Provo (what? where?)
  • San Diego (big boom on the bay)
  • Philadelphia (street party!)

What’s great about all of these displays is that you don’t have to be right downtown to take them all in, but can park yourself a couple miles out and make a tailgate party out of it that everyone can enjoy. Just bring your lawn chairs, grill and a pack of hotdogs along to make it all worthwhile. But, don’t forget the Rogue Berry Tablets to give you that quick burst of nicotine, which will have your mouth thanking you for celebrating the fourth in true style.

Bottom line - celebrate Rogue style

We celebrate the day the United State declared independence and we all have our own way of observing this day. If you’re one to go all out and revel in making each hour count, or do a quiet salute to what makes us a unique nation, you can’t go wrong. Take advantage of the day or the long weekend and make it exceptional! Any which way, Rogue is here to make sure you have the perfect nicotine product for each moment and each celebratory occasion.

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