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7 Backyard Upgrades to Make This Summer EPIC 

May 13th 2021

The beginning of long, sunshine-filled days and cool summer nights are calling you outside. Whether you love outdoor BBQs, movie nights, or a chill evening chewing your favorite Rogue Gum below the stars, transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis by adding a fire pit, outdoor pub, or DIY hot tub to your backyard. With minimal cost and little time needed, here are seven backyard upgrades guaranteed to make your summer epic.

Backyard Fire Pit

For between $50-$150, create hot backyard vibes by adding a fire pit to your outdoor space. With modern glass and metal outdoor fire pits to BBQ-capable fire pits constructed from concrete blocks, there are many styles to fit your outdoor space and personality. Check the fire codes for your area, but with minor fuss and minimal cost, a fire pit adds ambiance and enjoyment to many summer evenings.

Backyard Bar

If you don’t already have a backyard bar, you can build one using materials like wood pellets, planks, or galvanized steel. If you would rather spend your time drinking instead of building, transform a traditional indoor bar cart into a summer pub or buy a portable Tiki Bar. Another epic idea to keep your beer chilled and easily within reach is to add a built-in cooler to an end table.

Whatever backyard bar setup you choose to make, an outdoor pub is essential and guaranteed to upgrade your summer fun.

Outdoor Movie Theater

To make your summer epic, an outdoor movie ‘theater’ is necessary. You can hang a white sheet, use a wall or fence as the screen, or buy a legit outdoor projector. One unique and fun outdoor movie theater setup is an inflatable movie screen. Outdoor inflatable projector screens are in the few hundred dollar range, depending on the audio capabilities. If you aren’t sure you want to commit to a purchase, some companies will happily rent you all the outdoor movie entertainment you need to make your backyard evening epic.

Upgrade the Lighting

One of the simplest ways to upgrade a dull outdoor space is by adding outdoor lighting. Depending on your backyard vibe, string lights, paper lantern style, tiki torches, or light ropes can brighten up your summer nights and create an ambiance that will be the envy of all of your friends. With lighting, your creativity (not the cost) will be the limit. There really are no rules for backyard lighting. Simply coordinate the lighting with greenery, plants, and the overall vibes of the space. Whether island style, rustic, or modern — your backyard will be the star of the summer.

DIY a Hot Tub or Pool

One way to prep for an epic summer is by making your own backyard pool or hot tub. Pools and hot tubs are so much fun and offer another option for you to enjoy summer without making a trip to the lake or beach. Your backyard swimming hole doesn’t need to be fancy, complicated, or pricey to create, but with a bit of creativity and Googling, you will find that cinder blocks, kiddie pools, stock tanks, or even old cars can be transformed into your best summer pool party.

Outdoor Games

Depending on the size of your outdoor space and the type of crowd you want to entertain, there are many choices to make summer more fun. Your backyard will turn into the party with outdoor games like a bean toss, DIY croquet, or a life size chess board. Hang a giant dartboard on the backyard tree or set up a wall-mounted ring toss challenge. Whatever games you like to play at the local brewery when meeting up with the boys— you can now have in your own backyard!

Unique Outdoor Seating

DIY outdoor seating options can range from involved and expensive to minimally time-consuming and budget-friendly. Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of time or money to improve your outdoor space and enjoy your backyard more this summer. Think hammocks, lounge chairs, and comfy cushions. Go completely unique by creating a hanging swing from an old chair or a hanging bench for the patio area. Make the addition of chairs, benches, or swings comfortable and inviting because what’s the point of looking good if it doesn’t feel good, too?

Whatever the additions and upgrades you choose to add to your backyard space, you’ll find that even minor additions can add ambiance and fun, making your home the place everyone wants to be this summer. 

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