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​A Rogue Salute to Underrated Professions & Unsung Heroes

Posted by Rogue Crew on Sep 15th 2023

Move over suits, this one’s for the underdogs, the daring and the unconventional. Say farewell to the mundane with Rogue as we put the spotlight on what we consider to be some of the unsung heroes of today’s modern workforce.

Radio Tower Light Bulb Changer

Imagine you only had to work two days a year and the only requirements would be to climb a ladder to change a light bulb. Not bad, huh? Until you find out that the ladder is 1,500+ feet high, you have to carry all the heavy-duty gear you might need with you and you may be the only person in a thousand miles that can do it.

We’ve either got your adrenaline pumping or you’ve gone completely pale.

These special tower riggers make a great living off the fact that many of us get a little unsteady climbing a 20-foot ladder, get nervous with a 40-foot ladder and run out of the room at the mention of a 100-foot ladder. But these guys clip in and climb up into the atmosphere without a second thought and do this about every six months at each tower they’re in charge of.

Elevator Mechanic

We don’t think about what it takes for an elevator to run effectively, until you get stuck on one between floors, or worse, have to climb five flights of stairs because it’s broken. These mechanics are all about the ups and downs of life, and making sure yours goes smoothly.

Hate to break it to you, but they’re good at lifting you up and letting you down.

Elevator mechanics are trained in repairs, assemblies and installations, are usually required to work in confined spaces and tall structures, but always take it to the next level with their skills and abilities. Okay, we’re done pushing your buttons with all these puns.

Underwater Welder

What’s better than combining two difficult and extremely risky vocations together to make a seriously dangerous job? Those individuals who want to go into underwater welding have to get certified as a welder as well as become a commercial diver. The fun doesn’t stop there because integrating both tasks together takes skill and proficiencies most of us could only dream of having.

Don’t hold your breath while considering if you could do this job.

There are tons of off-shore and deep-sea welders needed, especially as electrical, internet and crude oil industries all use cables and piping that need to be installed, maintained and repaired due to water and organic corrosion that naturally happens below the surface. But for them, it’s just another day at the office, with a much different view.

Rappel Master

It takes a special kind of person to tether yourself in and rappel down the side of a building, into a tight cave or across a frozen lake. And, if your only thought is that of a rescue worker or window washer, you’re missing out on some of the more exciting professions that we are reliant upon including: bridge inspector, wind turbine technician and rock climbing guide, to name a few.

Who knew you could get paid to do what you love?

Something to keep in mind with this kind of work is that many of these professionals have been rappelling for years, both for fun and in training, so they make it look effortless. Don’t think that because the job sounds amazing you’d be able to jump right in and do what they’re doing. It takes nerves of steel, grit and determination to become a rappel master.

Rogue Recognizes You

No matter what your occupation is, whether one of these or the many more that seem to fly under many people’s radars, Rogue is here to not only say, “Good job!” but also to say that we have your back and know you’re making a difference in our lives and in every community out there. Don’t sell yourself short because we need each of you doing what you do best because you are an unsung hero! 

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