WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

​3mg Flavor Announcement: Berry, Apple, Spearmint & Cinnamon

Posted by Rogue Crew on Mar 2nd 2023

Life’s too short to not take advantage of the simple pleasures. For this reason, we’re announcing that even more of our nicotine pouches now come in 3mg strength. This includes fan favorites berry, apple, cinnamon and spearmint.

You might be asking yourself why or when you’d use 3mg pouches, well let’s dive right in and break it all down for you.

Nights out

Nightlife is animal all its own, particularly for pouch fans who live in populated urban areas.If you love 3mg nicotine pouches but struggle with access (ehem, California residents),our flavored nicotine pouches are accessible online.

That said, keeping steady supply of 3mg  can make all the evenings that much more enjoyable, and without dialing up intensity too much. Rest assured your 3mg cinnamon pouch is also a great match with rye whiskey and will let you appreciate all that the moment has to offer. 

Not in the mood for cinnamon? You can always pair other drinks with an apple pouch to complement each other. Sophistication isn’t a requirement, but if the shoe fits, wear it with style… or in this case, an ultimate flavor salute.

At The Office

With the sleek and simple to use 3mg spearmint pouch, you’re the one in control of the situation. Stuck in a long and drawn-out meeting with your peers? Breakout a 3mg pouch and pop it in your mouth. No one will be any of the wiser.

Plus you’ll have the added satisfaction that the pop of minty flavor will give you a smooth release of nicotine for up to an hour. 

New to Nicotine Pouches

For those that are just starting on this journey of nicotine pouches, sometimes high strength pouches can be too much, especially right out of the gate. That said having a low strength berry pouch is an added benefit that can make all the difference. Speaking of which...

You’re the One at The Wheel

At the end of the day, you’re the one who knows you the best. With that in mind, just make sure you’re prepared for whatever comes your way and match it up with a great flavor pouch. If the situation calls for holding back a touch, have your favorite 3mg Rogue berry, apple, cinnamon or spearmint pouches on hand. When you’re in need of a bigger bite, reach for 6mg.

Remember, flavored Rogue nicotine pouches are available online. If you live in CA and your go to flavor isn’t within an arm's reach, just visit roguenicotine.com. Whatever the event or situation, be sure to be stocked up and have Rogue products with you at all times.

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