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Today's Most Sociable Sports & Extracurriculars and Why

Posted by Rogue Crew on Nov 17th 2023

Sports and sporting events have a remarkable ability to bring people together who might not meet under different circumstances. There’s something that connects us during particular activities whether you’re watching it collectively or playing with a group that everyone feels like they belong to. Let’s break down some of these occasions that help us feel more sociable and connected.

Team Sports

One such interest that inherently gets everyone interested and coordinated is a team sport, no matter if you’re watching it in a stadium with 50K other strangers or on the court, diamond or field with your best mates. Showing up and participating in any practices or games enable you to establish those relationships, some of which could go on to be lifelong friendships.

It’s easy to make new connections when you’re working together towards a shared goal and it isn’t difficult to find community leagues ranging in sports from basketball or soccer to flag football or baseball. Regular outings can keep you motivated as well as telling that inner introvert that he’s not keeping you home any more.

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Kickball Club

Kickball Park Rogue Nicotine

Imagine this: you step up to the plate, confidently knocking off the excess mud from your cleats. Your favorite song echoes from a friend's crackling bluetooth speaker, creating the perfect game-day soundtrack. The sun beats down on a scorching summer day, and the closest refreshment is a crisp, bubbling pilsner tucked away in an old weathered cooler. The pitcher hurls a blistering fastball your way, but you remain unfazed, summoning every bit of extracurricular strength to deliver a powerful hit that sends all three basemen sprinting for home.

But, it’s not a bat you swung. In fact this isn’t baseball at all.

Known for being one of the most laid back and fun activities of all time, kickball is a sport of choice among many intramural enthusiasts. It’s a tremendously laid back game, in a tremendously laid back environment, and works for a wide audience. And grand slam or not, the music and drinks alone can bring people together in a way that some other activities can’t.

Just note that if you put out a social call for a meetup, don’t be surprised if a few fellas show up in goofy costumes or hilarious attire as this is the perfect setting to make sure no one takes things too seriously and has those in the stands or sidelines getting a good laugh. But when you want to keep the game a bit more serious, have some fun with team names, because you never know if you might make the local evening newscast for get-togethers people should know about.

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Golf League Rogue Nicotine

Golf naturally lends itself to socializing with the hours spent playing together and the conversations that can happen between shots. Because the sport is enjoyed by more than 25 million people across the country, it is easy to join a league, or if you’re new to golf, start with local clinics or lessons where you can get to know a great group of guys also looking to broaden their horizons.

If you’re not ready to go pro and want to keep it casual, there are several apps that let you meet up with people in your area wanting to expand their circles, social get togethers that are great for game pointers, as well as golf clubs that are now more flexible than ever to join.

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Somewhat similar to golf, there is a natural rhythm in cornhole that sparks conversations whether you’re playing a round or cheering on a group of friends. With its simple set-up and leisurely pace, it is so easy to become a quick social hub anywhere you go, and with short matches, you’re on to meeting your next set of mates in no time.

If you don’t believe us in just how easy it is to draw a crowd, set up at a local park or green area to see who comes up to ask you what’s up and if they can join; you’ll absolutely have guys coming out of the woodworks to play a match or two.

Up the interest level with both friends and strangers by sharing Rogue Apple Pouches as a way to break the ice and keep the dialogue flowing.

Ultimate Frisbee

When you’re ready for some good-hearted fun, relaxed atmosphere and teamwork, ultimate frisbee is your game. It’s not hard to find groups that get together at local parks or along the beach that welcome newcomers at any skill level. But, be ready to come out of your shell because communication is key to making sure you’re coordinating your awesome passes to one another.

Also what adds to the fun factor is that the teams can include women, so getting your girlfriend involved could make for a different kind of adventure. But we will warn you that once you start it’s hard to stop!

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Disc Golf

Also known as frisbee golf, frisket or ‘hippie golf’, disc golf takes all the good things about golf and combines them with all the intensity of frisbee. Not only is it easy to pick up and enjoy, but you can get just as many good views and fresh air as you would on the golf course. Before you judge it, try out a track or two – after a few throws and some cold drinks with friends you’ll be on the bandwagon in no time.


Gaining significant popularity and attention in recent years is pickleball. Pickleball is an excellent addition to this list and offers almost the perfect blend of fun, camaraderie, and social recreation. Picture badminton, ping pong and tennis combined, but on a much smaller court and with some nuanced rules.

That said, the game's court and slower ball speed foster teamwork and strategy all while not presenting too much of a challenge to the uninitiated – Seasoned pro or not, everyone can have a smashing good time with pickleball. Did we mention you can have your own custom paddles?!

Volleyball Leagues

You don’t have to be a maverick to enjoy this high-energy sport. Volleyball, whether indoors or out, excites everyone, and can draw a great crowd of lively onlookers, too. You’ll find that you quickly make friends as you spend time bumping, setting and spiking together.

Take it up a notch and sign up for competitions as a team. There are numerous tournaments that happen on a local level all the way up to national and international. This is one way to guarantee that familiarities are strong and enduring.

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Going Rogue Together

The keys to any of these social sports is engagement and participation. Whether that is a pre/post game huddle, or group chat planning out strategies, you know you’re part of a tremendous band of brothers that are all about camaraderie and play. So, never miss an opportunity to share in the Rogue experience with your old and new friends as you build associations that could last a lifetime.

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