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Tailgating like a Champ with Rogue

Posted by Rogue Crew on Nov 16th 2022

You’ve got your pop-up grill, iced down cooler and a premier parking spot at your local stadium lot. It’s an abnormally chilly fall morning, but the smell of BBQ and sight of cold beer is enough to set it right.

That’s right. It’s game day. More importantly, it’s tailgate season.

The Rogue team realizes how important this time of year is for everyone. So, we’ve taken some time to put together a tailgating guide that we think you and a few thousand of your closest friends will enjoy.

Tailgate Food

Besides the booze, good food is paramount to an ideal tailgate. Here are a few ideas that will make the next tailgate more memorable than the last:

Sliced Thin Trip Tip with Chimichurri

Whether it’s on ciabatta roll or French bread, this is an easy and widely appealing food item. *If you’re not keen on sirloin or just want to kick it up a notch, substitute venison or roast beef. Bring sides like horseradish and/or mustard too.

Smoked Deviled Eggs

Not everyone’s a fan of eggs, but true tailgate heroes are. Besides the basics, the best recipes often involve chives, crumbled bacon and paprika.

Neapolitan Pizzas

Innovation in the pizza oven space has made pizza at tailgates more popular than ever. If you’ve got the tech and will to try, cook up a few margarita and/or pineapple pizza. Both delicious choices for any cool fall afternoon.

Pig Candy

For those that don’t know, ‘pig candy’ is candied bacon. Perhaps less appealing to vegans and vegetarians, pig candy is very easy to transport and make on site. Just pack, bacon, brown sugar, salt and pepper and, you’re pretty much good to go.

Tailgate Booze

And of course, let’s not forget the booze. Morning, noon or night, below are some recommended options from Rogue:


What’s a tailgate without beer. Especially fall beer. Bring an assortment of everything from brown ales and spiced lagers to hefeweizens, schwarzbiers and more. Tell your guests too. The more, the better.

Vodka Seltzer

In contrast to traditional malt beverages, vodka seltzers (in a can) have boomed onto the scene as of late. Most have somewhat low ABV and are great for all day activities, warm or cold.

Bloody Marys & Elixirs

Bloody mary mix and clamato juice are both cheap and delicious, so this one’s a no brainer. Toss in some of that candied bacon, a stalk of celery and a little old bay seasoning and kiss the hair of the dog goodbye. *These can now be found in cans too for added convenience.


Most drinkers like margaritas. Most drinkers also like beer. Put the two together and you’ve got one stellar day sipper. Check out easy beergaritas here.

Whiskey Sour

A bit more out of place and perhaps a bit more complex to make, the whiskey sour is actually a great choice for a day full of eating as it’s said to be a good digestif. Bring a pack of plastic low balls and some oranges or lemon for the full effect.

Other Helpful Tips & Things to Keep in Mind

At Rogue, we like to show up early to tailgates. Not only do we get premier parking but also ample time to ramp up to the game. That said, here are a few other ‘pro’ tips for a great tailgate experience.

  • Prepare for cold. Although typically eclipsed by the palpability of gameday, autumn air can chill to the bone. Always bring extra outerwear, gloves, hats, etc.. That one friend who always dresses in shorts and a t-shirt will thank you later.
  • Pop up tents, Ponchos and Tarps. In it for the long haul? Always prepare for rain as it can ruin a tailgate.
  • Tipi & Wet Wipes. Let’s face it, porta potties are gross. Treat yo-self on gameday with some of your own soft tissue paper and moisten towelettes.
  • Music. Whether it’s your car or a portable Bluetooth speaker, music is one of the few things (besides food and booze) that can fuel a party. Make a playlist ahead of time and don’t forget the jamz.
  • Food coloring. Food coloring can be used to personalize an experience. Toss a couple drops of a preferred color in your favorite beverage to represent your team.
  • To Go Containers. Most of the time there are leftovers. And most of the time you’ll need those leftovers to refuel before heading back home. Have some spare baggies, wrap and Tupperware for later.
  • Utensils & Knives. Easier to forget than you think. Don’t forget your utensils, especially your knives for cutting meat, limes, etc..
  • Water & Handwashing. Most hardware stores sell reusable anti-microbial 2 – 10 gallonjugs. Grab one, fill it with water and keep it handy. These are great for handwashing and general drinking water.
  • Tables, tables, tables. Tables are great for food and drink, but primarily serve as a central gathering point. At least one table is vital to a great tailgate – and great beer pong!
  • Go Rogue. Get your hands on our assortment of products – everything from pouches and tablets to lozenges and gum. All come in a multitude of flavors and strengths for a perfectly tailored experience.
  • Trashbags. Finally, are trash bags. Whether it’s trash, recycling or that one friend who manages to get sick, trash bags are another essential for both a fun AND responsible tailgate. We recommend dark colored bags for the latter.


Whether it’s beer and steak, or just basic communication and coordination, preparation is always key to a great tailgate. Want to relax, enjoy and vibe? Then follow our tips above and get your hands on Rogue while supplies last. To learn more about our brand visit our homepage or click here.To find a retailer nearest you, visit our store locator. Have fun out there this season!

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