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Rogue Do it Series: Cool Breezes and Hot Sand Beaches

Rogue Do it Series: Cool Breezes and Hot Sand Beaches

Posted by Rogue Crew on Aug 18th 2022

Summer’s still going strong, so you may be planning your end of season beach vacation. If you were worried that you might have to say goodbye to your Rogue Nicotine products for a few days while you hit the beach, worry no more. Rogue Nicotine is designed to be easy to take on the go wherever you’re headed, including the beach.

Brendan Schaub on Doing it at The Beach

Making use of Rogue’s products at the beach will hardly change the nature of your beach day at all. For Brendan Schaub, using Rogue fits seamlessly into the routine of going to the beach.

“I love the ocean. I like to surf or swim around the water like a seal in these great white infested waters than lay out in the sun, I put a towel down, lil’ bronzer and put in a Rogue nicotine pouch and listen to music.” – Brendan Schaub

Things to do at the Beach While Going Rogue

Enjoying your product tactfully bodes well for activities ranging from relaxing in a chair to enjoying a dip in the ocean. This also includes (but isn’t limited to):

Beach volleyball

Beach block games (Kubb)

Surfing, bodyboarding and boogie-boarding

Kite surfing

Reading a book

Building sandcastles


Our Summer Product Recommendations

For time on the beach, we think you might want to go for our Honey Lemon, Mango, and Peppermint flavors as each of them offer cool and refreshing flavors to pair with the warm beach weather. Our products are meant to be enjoyed anywhere and on the go, all without staining your teeth or forcing you to spit, perfect for a place like the beach where that behavior may be frowned upon.

Some Beach Recommendations

Destin, Florida
  • Destin is located on the Florida panhandle and has plenty of beautiful beaches in the town. It’s also a beachside golf town that offers numerous activities including parasailing, theme parks, and dolphin cruises.
Santa Monica, California
  • Santa Monica has about 3.5 miles of beachfront with easy access to a ton of restaurants and stores and also has plenty of hotels if you plan on staying right on the beach. The beach is also most famous for the Santa Monica Pier that extends out from the center of the beach and is host to an amusement park, aquarium, restaurants, and more. Feel free to bring your furry friend to the boardwalk with you if he/she is leashed.
Big Sur, California
  • For something a little different, head up the California coast to Big Sur. The water is too rough for swimming and the weather a bit cooler, but this area of California is extremely beautiful. Famous destination spots include the Pfeiffer Keyhole Arch and the Sand Dollar Beach.


Keep the beach vacation going in the most chill way possible with the added convenience of some Rogue Nicotine products.Find a store nearest you and get your hands on Rogue today.

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