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Know Your Moto: Today's Most Adrenaline Inducing Motocross Dirt Bike Tricks

Posted by Rogue Crew on Nov 6th 2023

When it comes to pushing the limits of what’s achievable on two wheels, motocross riders are the epitome of creativity, athleticism and innovation. Their stunts are a testament to extreme mental and physical fortitude, and we believe they are the definition of what it means to ‘Go Rogue’.

So, in an effort to pay homage, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe to be some of the coolest and most ceiling-shattering motocross tricks of the past decade.

Superman Seat Grab

Superman Seat Grab Motocross

A staple stunt in motocross is the superman seat grab. Born out of the classic aerial superman pose, this maneuver goes beyond mimicking America's favorite superhero and layers in a maverick-like mid-air seat grab whilst doing so. While it’s not the most advanced trick in this list, it demands quite a bit of control. It's sometimes a breakthrough stunt for intermediate riders looking to expand their repertoire.

Dead Body Backflip

Perhaps one of the more visually appealing motocross tricks here is the dead body backflip. This daring and almost physics-defying stunt involves riders positioning themselves parallel to the ground or “flat” on their saddle as they execute a backflip. A successful landing in this somewhat awkward position pushes quite a few boundaries in creativity and innovation, and to say this stunt demands dedication and training would be an understatement.

Ruler Flip

Speaking of demand and difficulty, enter the ruler backflip. Cousin to the tsunami, this advanced and aesthetically pleasing move calls for the rider to maneuver him or herself into a ‘ruler’ position mid-air while again executing a daunting backflip. Like many other tricks in this list, the ruler is not to be taken lightly and requires quite a bit of skill, precision and control.

Rock Solid & Holy Grab

Rock Solid Holy Grab Motocross

Both the rock solid and holy grab are very distinctive moves in motocross. While one begins with a superman pose and the other a double grab, both require the rider to let go of their bike and finish with an flawless re-mount. Both are extremely dangerous and require just as much if not more skill than others in this list. They can also be breakthrough maneuvers for some amateurs.

Cordova Backflip

One of our personal favorites, the cordova involves tucking your legs back underneath your handlebars. Picture an upside down pretzel, or human origami wheel. It’s another visually stunning, yet daring pose that’s really meant for professionals.What it actually looks like:

Cliffhanger Backflip

We realize some of you may be disappointed not to see the kiss of death featured, but there’s just something about a cliffhanger that’s so irresistibly unique, suspenseful and fulfilling. That said, the cliffhanger or cliffhanger backflip is a classic move that involves riders bringing their feet up to the handlebars midflip, arms extended. Side note landing a cliffhanger with no hands is commonly referred to as a basejumper. If executed properly, cliffhangers are known to get the crowd going.What it actually looks like:

A relatively newer motocross maneuver, the double front flip is no easy feat. As it’s described, riders carry out two front flips while maintaining as much control over their bike as they can. Sounds boring, but it’s actually incredibly physically and mentally demanding and again is only for the most professional and experienced of riders.Kinda what it looks like:

Double Backflip

Double Backflip Motocross

First appearing in 2006, the double backflip is one of the most iconic tricks in the history of motocross. It defies gravity with a rider completing two complete single-jump backflips in mid-air. Its initial achievement was a pivotal moment for the sport and this hallmark move has seen many variations and adaptations since.

Triple Backflip

Last but not least is the triple backflip. The triple backflip is a maneuver that requires impeccable timing, control and precision. Shaking the nerves of most seasoned pros, it’s said to be one of the sport's most demanding yet rewarding feats.

Describing the move however is as straightforward as it sounds. It involves the rider completing three full backflips in one jump. That said, successfully completing this trick / jump is an extraordinary achievement; one that belongs to only a handful of riders.


Stunts like the cliffhanger, superman seat grab and triple backflip have left an enduring mark on the motocross community and are a true testament to the level of athleticism and mental rigor that the sport demands daily. Not only are they fun to watch, but they showcase the courage, dedication and fearlessness of professional riders today. We at Rogue understand what it means to relentlessly pursue this same level of excellence by our unwavering dedication in creating only the finest nicotine products available. So whether you’re attempting your first superman grab or just viewing a local event, remember to go Rogue with our long lasting and flavor-packed nicotine pouches

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