WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How To Use Rogue Nicotine Lozenges

Jan 27th 2021

How To Use Rogue Nicotine Lozenges Effectively + Other Frequently Asked Questions

Rogue Nicotine Lozenges are for the adult that likes to take their time when enjoying nicotine. While it may seem different from other nicotine products you're used to, these nicotine lozenges are the perfect way to enjoy nicotine for every time, place, or taste. Put simply, Nicotine on Demand.

How Do Rogue Nicotine Lozenges Work?

Using a Rogue Nicotine Lozenge is easy. First, take a Rogue Lozenge out of our tin packaging and place it in your mouth. While the Rogue Nicotine Lozenge is in your mouth, occasionally move it from side to side.

As soon as you place a Rogue Nicotine Lozenge in your mouth, the lozenge will begin to dissolve. Avoid chewing or swallowing a Rogue Nicotine Lozenge for the most enjoyable nicotine experience. 

How Quickly Will It Work?

You’ll be able to enjoy Rogue Nicotine Lozenges over an approximately 8-10 minute period before the lozenge dissolves completely.

While Rogue Lozenges are meant to be enjoyed one at a time, our tins contain twenty lozenges, so you have the freedom to go Rogue as frequently as you desire.

How Are Rogue Nicotine Lozenges Made?

Rogue Nicotine Lozenge production starts with us finding high-quality tobacco leaves. We’re able to create tobacco leaf-free products like Rogue Nicotine Lozenges by steam extracting nicotine from the premium tobacco leaves we select.

Once we steam extract nicotine from fine tobacco leaves, we combine the nicotine with sugar-free food grade ingredients. All of our products are made within the United States.

How Do Rogue Nicotine Lozenges Deliver?

Nicotine strength and flavor are two essential areas that Rogue Nicotine Lozenges excel in. All three Rogue Nicotine Lozenge flavors aim to satisfy. With Wintergreen, Peppermint, and Citrus flavor options, there’s a Rogue Nicotine Lozenge for every palate.

You can benefit from Rogue Nicotine Lozenges' slow-release nature through a 4mg or 2mg nicotine strength. If you’re unsure which nicotine strength is suitable for you, we recommend starting with the lower 2mg strength.

Choosing which strength of Rogue Nicotine Lozenge can vary based on the situations in which you enjoy using nicotine. People often find it helpful to start with a 2mg nicotine strength lozenge before deciding whether to move up to 4mg lozenges. 4mg Rogue Nicotine Lozenges have the strength to give you that extra boost when you need it most. If you’re seeking quick satisfaction, a 2mg lozenge should get the job done. Of course, your personal experience and preference may vary.

Nicotine satisfaction shouldn’t have rules or barriers. There are plenty of times when others might frown upon you popping out for a smoke or using an e-cigarette. Rogue Nicotine Lozenges allow you to write your rulebook and enjoy nicotine wherever and whenever.

Best Occasions to Enjoy Rogue Nicotine Lozenges

Rogue Nicotine Lozenge’s slow-release design is conducive to drawn-out work meetings, extended dinner dates, or any time during your day when you feel like going Rogue. While Rogue Nicotine Lozenges provide a slow-release, the release isn’t so prolonged that you'll have to wait around for satisfaction when you want it most. Rogue Nicotine Lozenges allow you to stay in your zone in a low-key manner.

How to Shop for the Best Rogue Nicotine Lozenges for You

Wondering how to use Rogue Nicotine Lozenges is now a thing of the past. Now all that's left is to pick out the right lozenge for your palette. We offer lozenges in three awesome sugar-free flavors:

  • Wintergreen – Crisp, refreshing minty flavor
  • Peppermint – Fresh minty flavor with a cool, slightly sweet aftertaste
  • Citrus – Bright citrusy flavor with the perfect balance between sweet and tart
  • Use our interactive map to find stores near you selling Rogue Nicotine Lozenges and other Rogue Nicotine products. If making store runs for your favorite Rogue Nicotine product isn’t your thing, take advantage of our online store's perks.

    Ordering two or three Rogue Nicotine Lozenge packs will help you unlock free shipping for your order and give you a subscription option. Receive your favorite Rogue products on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis with our easy subscription service. You’ll be able to save 10% on your order once you subscribe. If you’re looking to try out Rogue Nicotine Lozenges, we also offer a one-time purchase option and mix packs with several Rogue Nicotine products.

    We didn’t stop at creating flavorful, accessible, and dependable nicotine lozenges. Rogue Nicotine products extend to Nicotine Pouches, Gum, and Tablets. Like Rogue Nicotine Lozenges, you can purchase Rogue Pouches, Gum, and Tablets in different nicotine strengths and various satisfying flavors. Discovering your favorite Rogue product is easy when you try one of our Mix Packs that simultaneously allow you to explore different Rogue Flavors and nicotine strengths.

    Use Rogue products to enjoy nicotine anytime, anywhere.

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