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How to Host a Spa Day at Home

Posted by Rogue Crew on Aug 26th 2021

Spa Days. Ahhh. Visions of peace and pampering flood the consciousness. The phrase alone induces sighs of contentment, but why drive to a spa when you can host a spa day at home? Here is a step-by-step guide for creating an at-home Self-Care Soiree with the best must-have products for rejuvenation. Invite your girlfriends, forget your worries and follow these step-by-step self-care instructions to relax, reflect, refresh and renew at home.

Relax - Create the Atmosphere

Pay special attention to the atmosphere when hosting a home spa party. The goal is for you and your friends to walk into your residence and feel like they have stepped foot into a luxury spa. The atmosphere does not need to cost a lot of time, money, or energy to manufacture. Here are four steps to design the spa atmosphere of your dreams right where you live.

Music: Pick tunes that are reflective like Lo-fi or popular (yet relaxing) piano covers of current pop hits. Whatever you do, pick music that is enjoyable and adds to the mellow mood.

Mood: Set the spirit of your at-home spa with greenery and spa-like scents.

Greenery: Plants and flowers are known to reduce anxiety and manage stress. Think Peace Lily, Bamboo Palm, or Calla Lilies.

Candles: Hosting a spa party would be incomplete without candles. The choices for candles are endless, but we recommend scents with chillout vibes like cherry, rosemary, jasmine, vanilla, and lemon. Not feeling hot about having a live fire? Grab flickering, battery-powered candles that will set the mood without the heat.

Gift Your Guests: Pamper kits with fuzzy socks, beauty treatments, or even your favorite Rogue product are an excellent way to make your friends feel comfy. You can find spa kits online or build your own. They don’t need to be pricey to make guests feel special and for you to look like the ever-chic host.

Reflect - Add Elements of Reflection

Spa days are a delightful and reflective experience. Often these feelings are brought about by the tone and energy of an environment. Reflection is an internal mood influenced by external cues. To design a reflective spa experience at home, choose one or both of the must-haves below.

Quiet Corner: Self-care necessitates kindness to mind and body, and one way to practice peace at an at-home spa party is through guided meditation or reflective yoga. Although some may say ‘too quiet,’ depending on what type of spa day you host, you can set up a corner for guided meditation or reflective yoga.

Connection Club: As the spa host, one way to create deeper and more meaningful connections with your friends is by having conversation cards at the at-home spa day. Feeling connected to the bigger world (and yourself) is a vital part of feeling pampered.

Refresh - Touches of Refreshment:

Your guests will hope to feel refreshed after visiting your at-home spa. There are a few items you can offer to add to the rejuvenating experience.

Spa Water: Fruit, citrus, and herb-infused water is a must to bring the spa to your home or backyard. When regular water won't cut it, spa water is a chic necessity your spa party.

Coconut water and cucumber cocktail: This is a spa party, not a detox event. Suppose cocktails fit your spa hosting style? Lean towards refreshing and crisp drinks like coconut water and cucumber cocktails. We especially love this French Spritz, by Sugar & Charm, with champagne and St. Germaine. Cheers!

Tea: The classic spa day beverage. Serve herbal or fruit teas.

Bites & Nibbles: For your at-home spa, keep the foods simple (if you choose to have nibbles or bites). Some fruit, nuts, or wafer-style cookies are stylistic and won’t add to your planning stress as the host. Remember, this spa day needs to be a self-care getaway for you too.

Your Rogue Products: Nicotine pouches, tablets, gum, and lozenges will add a twist to thte classic at home spa day.  Mix packs ensure there's a flavor, strength, and modern nicotine alternative for everyone.

Renew - Be-YOU-tiful

A spa day is all about getting to feel your best so you can look your best. These beauty-related products are must-haves for any at-home hosted spa day.

Face steam bath

Get the feels of a professional facial at home with a facial steamer. This awesome little machine infuses skin with moisture, clarifies the complexion, and purifies skin leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Comfy Clothes

Robes are splendid, but unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to spa-day-every-day. That’s why we recommend comfy-functional clothing for hosting an at-home spa day. Look for yoga clothes that are cute and comfy clothes perfectly suited for a spa day at home.

Foot Pamper Serums, Scrubs and Creams

We're on our feet all day. Don't forget to spend extra time giving your hardworking feet the very best at-home pedicure. Serums, scrubs, and creams made with natural ingredients will have your feet feeling baby soft for days.

The Results

Finding time to renew mind, body, and spirit can be difficult, but self-care is necessary. By bringing the spa home, you can design a refreshing experience that will increase your mental, emotional, and physical health. Your friends will also appreciate a day away from reality and rave about the spa ‘ Hostess with the Mostess.’

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