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Holiday Gift Guide for Rogue Lovers

Posted by Rogue Crew on Dec 19th 2023

Maybe the snow has started to fall outside your door, and the Thanksgiving leftovers have finally been polished off; now begins the countdown to when everyone’s expectations of your gift-giving skills will be tested. You absolutely won’t be out-gifted this year when you use some or all these Rogue-approved gifts for your friends and family.

Rogue Routes - Traveling Packages

Some adventures must be done first-hand, and who better to do this with than those you love hanging out with. When you serve up the adventure as a vacation, you’ll get everyone on board quickly.

The best travel packages depend on the recipients and their individual ideas of vacation bliss. Here are a few thoughts to get you started:

  • Adrenaline junkies - the possibilities are endless, so tailor their package around their favorite activity, such as big mountain skiing, white-water rafting, deep-sea scuba diving, or extreme mountain biking.
  • Outdoor enthusiasts - for those who aren’t ready to jump out of a plane, there are countless types of tour packages that range from fully escorted to independent where people can do hikes, rafting, camping or a number of other activities.
  • Calm connoisseurs - others might appreciate the lower end of the adventure scale and enjoy something more like a spa retreat, wine-tasting tour, or a coastal cruise.

Rogue Revelry - Event Tickets

If the whole lock, stock and barrel of a travel package isn’t in the cards, a true Rogue intellectual knows the value of a great time can also be had with event tickets. The beauty of these types of gifts is that they can be very personalized to the affinities of the person or people. Additionally, you can add a luxury hotel stay as part of the gift, too. When considering tickets, some of the more general events could include:

  • Unique experiences - this could be anything like Super Bowl tickets to a favorite band making their ultimate final tour. It’s extremely easy to search event ticket sites to find that unforgettable ticket to give as a gift.
  • Anticipated experience - whether it’s a world-renowned comic coming to a venue nearby or season tickets to their favorite pastime, long-sought-after tickets like these will keep you in the ‘nice’ column on everyone’s lists.
  • Local experience - maybe the person you’re buying for doesn’t need an over-the-top experience but would love to do something as simple as a pub crawl or get a pass to a rib cookoff. Don’t disregard these types of adventures due to their ease and locale.

Rogue Refills - Beers and Coffees

Bring on the holiday season of giving with specialty go-to drinks. Whether the person or people you’re buying for are beer aficionados or coffee connoisseurs, you can ensure they have plenty of consumables.

  • Monthly subscriptions - there are tons of places to sign up that will deliver unique and distinctive beers to the recipient’s doorsteps. The same goes for supplies of coffee who mail exclusive blends, flavorings, and roasts that will have them looking forward to every morning’s cup of joe.
  • Gift baskets - there is no shortage of people and places that put together extraordinary baskets themed and filled just the way you like and like to give. Many come with amazing extras like fruits and meats that pair well with beers from around the world, or chocolates and cookies that make mornings a delight.
  • Accessories - when you’re shopping for someone who is extremely picky about their drinks, go for the complimentary items that make enjoying those drinks genuinely entertaining. These could include team coolers or engraved mugs to french coffee presses or professional grinders.

Rogue Recipes - Fresh Meal Kits

When culinary creations aren’t what your friend or family member is known for, but they still consider themselves foodies, make them feel like a kitchen wizard with a gift from a home delivery meal service. This type of gift brings with it many subtle messages that they will grasp, including:

  • Convenience - many people appreciate the convenience of planned and prepared meals. They can skip going to the grocery store, have all the ingredients and directions at their fingertips as well as take the burden off them with a ton of prep because it’s all there in one kit.
  • Variety - when it comes to foodies, they may fall back on quick favorites, but when the typical range of meals is expanded, the true adventurous epicurean may truly come out. Add in the fact that most places offer different dietary options that take into account allergies, preferences, and needs.
  • Quality - each meal kit will provide restaurant-quality ingredients that may not be readily available for some people at their local market. When they taste the difference compared to typical purchases, they will thank you for getting them started on a new taste adventure.

Rogue Renegade - Outdoor Gear

If you’re shopping for an outdoor buff, whether that be a weekend warrior, avid hiker or cush camper, having durable gear that can withstand the weather is essential. But knowing their individual needs can be a bit tricky, so here’s some advice to help you navigate these waters:

  • Existing gear - try to find out what gear they already have and what might need an upgrade. This can be done stealthily in conversation, asking their significant other or making a mental note of the gear’s condition/age when you’re outdoors together next time.
  • Expressed interests - by no means does this mean you have to hang on to their every word, but you’ll find that many people drop hints or share way too much on social media regarding interests and activities. Take a hint from what they say; you might hit the nail on the head.
  • The easy way out - the good old gift card to an outdoor store won’t get you an elated look when they open it, but you’ll never go wrong when they’re the one that chooses the gear. This keeps you off the hook from having to drum through posts or actually pay attention to what they’re saying in a conversation. You’ll still end up the hero in the end.

Rogue Radio - Electronics

If the first thought that crosses your mind is that electronics tend to be impersonal, maybe we can give you a different perspective on these ideas. However, if you’re still not convinced, refer to the categories above again to inspire you a little more.

  • Audio devices - this is a broad class of items ranging from earbuds and headphones to sound bars and portable speakers. Make sure to splurge on these and go for the better quality rather than getting a gift that ends up in a draw, or worse yet, regifted to someone else.
  • Notebooks - for those of us who have elders who aren’t getting any younger, something like a laptop/notebook is perfect for them to navigate the internet, email back and forth, and possibly do online video chats.
  • Smart home devices - for the on-the-goer who wants home security, or a device to make their life more accessible and organized, you can’t go wrong with adding smart home tech. The great thing about this group of gifts is that you can buy different things and package them together.

Rogue at the Ready

Without a doubt, make sure a Rogue’s Holiday Bundle is on your list for all of your adult friends, including yourself! This 10-pack 6mg strength pouch mix pack is the perfect opportunity to help someone broaden their horizons by adding flavored nicotine pouches to their routine. You might find that these are not only the gift that brings a smile to their face, but also gives you guys something to talk about outside of the holiday season.

No matter who you’re buying for, or what the gifts might be that you’re giving, make sure it has a personal touch to it, whether that be a personalized card, a note attached to the gift, or whatever says ‘you’ to those around because friends and family should be the most important items on any list.

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