WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flavor Focus: Wintergreen Nicotine Lozenges from Rogue

Posted by Rogue Crew on Aug 5th 2021

Rogue Wintergreen Nicotine Lozenges Flavor Spotlight

Rogue wintergreen lozenges taste like a minty, freshly fallen snowflake. You’ll know it’s a Rogue wintergreen lozenge when you experience the mild cooling sensation that wintergreen fans know and love. Choose one of our best tasting nicotine lozenges, Rogue wintergreen!

Adults shouldn’t have to schedule their nicotine enjoyment. Crisp mint flavor remains a pocket-reach away with Rogue wintergreen lozenges’ accessible design. Redefining the rules of nicotine enjoyment has never been easier.

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How to Use Rogue Wintergreen Lozenges

Spend more time achieving nicotine satisfaction with Rogue wintergreen lozenges’ slow-release design. Rogue wintergreen lozenges are sugar-free and dissolve completely in approximately 8-10 minutes. Twenty lozenges per tin give you more opportunities to go Rogue. Adults can select Rogue wintergreen lozenges in 4mg and 2mg nicotine strengths. Casual nicotine users might utilize a 2mg strength, while those looking to enjoy a stronger nicotine experience may opt for the 4mg wintergreen lozenge. We offer different nicotine strength options to accommodate each adult’s personal preferences.

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How Rogue Wintergreen Lozenges Are Made

Rogue utilizes a source, combine, and create approach to offer adults higher quality nicotine lozenges that pack tons of flavor. First we steam extract nicotine. Then we combine the nicotine with sugar-free food-grade ingredients. Rogue wintergreen lozenges are spit-free, stain-free, and made in the USA. Open up a tin of Rogue wintergreen lozenges to access fresh minty taste and double the number of lozenges that other brands offer.

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