WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flavor Focus: Wintergreen Nicotine Gum from Rogue

Posted by Rogue Crew on Sep 27th 2021

Rogue Wintergreen Nicotine Gum Flavor Spotlight

True wintergreen flavor is far from one-dimensional. Rogue blends classic wintergreen elements like spice and mild mint to provide adults with authentic flavor. Upgrade your nicotine experience with the refreshing mint taste of Rogue wintergreen gum.

As one of our best tasting nicotine gums, Rogue wintergreen gum gives adults the opportunity to enjoy nicotine on their terms. Enjoy the sights of a long-planned road trip and go Rogue. Pop in a piece of Rogue wintergreen gum to achieve nicotine satisfaction without pausing your workflow. Feel free to go Rogue anywhere and anytime.

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How to Use Rogue Wintergreen Gum

Ditch the “chew and park” design and enjoy nicotine gum the natural way with Rogue wintergreen. Adults can chew a piece of Rogue wintergreen gum the same way they’d chew any other piece of gum. This approach translates to higher levels of nicotine enjoyment at a lower mg level. Combine Rogue gum’s long-lasting 30-minute design with fresh wintergreen flavor and you have a recipe for the best tasting nicotine gum with an awesome nicotine experience. Rogue wintergreen gum tins contain twenty individual pieces that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. You’ll have the option to choose between 4mg and 2mg Rogue nicotine gum so you can achieve your ideal level of nicotine satisfaction.

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How Rogue Wintergreen Gum Is Made

We won’t need a lab coat to discuss Rogue's chemistry-backed manufacturing approach. We’ll keep things simple by highlighting our source, combine, and create philosophy. Rogue begins making savory wintergreen gum by steam extracting nicotine. This nicotine is then combined with sugar-free all-natural food-grade ingredients that provide signature flavor and pleasing nicotine gum texture. Every Rogue product is made within the USA with domestic and international ingredients.

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