WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

​Flavor Focus: Rogue Original Unflavored Pouches

Posted by Rogue Crew on Jun 6th 2023

Today we’re taking an different approach to our ‘flavor’ spotlight to honor and praise our Rogue Original Pouches. Available in 3mg and 6mg, these Original Pouches are unflavored, but nothing shy of smooth or tantalizingly refreshing. To say they take nicotine enjoyment to a new level would be an understatement.

But what’s so special about them? Let’s take a minute to break it down find our just what makes Rogue Original Pouches so uncharacteristically unique.

Smell The Roses

Although you may not visit a botanical garden or be out in a field of lilies all that often, there are times when having a flavored pouch could interrupt an aromatic experience. For example: you’re finally getting that Napa wine tasting vacation you’ve wanted to go on for years. You arrive and begin by swirling and smelling the different wine samples. The simple fact that you’re also enjoying a Cinnamon Rogue Pouch can change the entire experience.

For special occasions like this, Rogue Original Pouches keep your attention on the generous smokey oak smells that accompany the perfectly aged grapes.

Savor The Flavor

It’s no secret that pairing different flavors together can create an intoxicating event, or a quick swipe of a napkin over your mouth to remove the sum total of its contents. Ok, this may be a little dramatic on both extremes, but picture this: you’re enjoying mimosas with your favorite lady but you’ve got a spearmint pouch already tucked away. As anyone could tell you, orange juice and mint is a unique combination that truly doesn’t go well together.

Instead of being put out by uncomplimentary flavors, be prepared to enjoy an amazing meal or extraordinary drink without altering the essences of them and still taking gusto in your Rogue Original Pouch.

Simple Pleasures

Life isn’t always about satisfying your sweet tooth, or in this case needing to have a mouthful of berry or apple flavor while enjoying the satisfying experience of a nicotine pouch. Every so often it’s nice to have a clean palate for the simple fact that not every moment requires a ton of stimuli.

Take a step back and enjoy the austere contentment of Rogue Original Pouches as you bask in all of life’s other great indulgences, because there are times and places for everything.

You Create The Reason

Seriously, you don’t need us to tell you the best times to enjoy Rogue Original Pouches. You’ll know when those instances present themselves and you’ll seize the moment because you know you best. In fact, we’d love to hear from you when you indulge in this or any of the Rogue products.

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