WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Flavor Focus: Peppermint Nicotine Gum from Rogue

Flavor Focus: Peppermint Nicotine Gum from Rogue

Posted by Rogue Crew on Jul 1st 2021

Rogue Peppermint Gum Flavor Spotlight

Rogue peppermint gum offers a chilled and refreshing burst of flavor that guarantees nicotine satisfaction. A piece of Rogue peppermint gum contains all of the flavor nuances that peppermint fans know and love. Sharper than our wintergreen variety, Rogue peppermint gum produces a pervasive cooling sensation that consistently delivers. Name a time and a place, and Rogue peppermint gum will meet you there.

How to Use Rogue Peppermint Gum

A traditional “chew-and-park” nicotine gum design reduces your ability to naturally enjoy nicotine gum. Rather than chewing your nicotine gum and letting it sit awkwardly on one side of your mouth, Rogue nicotine gum skips the chew-and-park design to create a better nicotine alternative. Chew the way you would chew any other piece of gum to for up to 30 minutes of nicotine enjoyment. Rogue peppermint gum comes in 4mg and 2mg nicotine strengths. 

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How Rogue Peppermint Gum Is Made

We'll skip the science lecture and get to the bottom of how Rogue makes its nicotine gum. Rogue’s source, combine and create philosophy sets the stage for a higher-quality nicotine gum. The source phase consists of Rogue steam extracting nicotine. Rogue then combines the nicotine with sugar-free food-grade ingredients to create a gum that contains a pleasing flavor and texture. Every Rogue product is made within the U.S.A. with domestic and imported ingredients.

Experience Rogue Peppermint Gum’s cool and long-lasting flavor by shopping our online nicotine gum collection. Rogue’s Store Locator tool to find refreshing peppermint nicotine gum near you.

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