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Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Rogue Lovers

Posted by Rogue Crew on Dec 22nd 2022

Let’s get this off our chest right away… there is no such thing as the man who has everything. We’re always looking for that special something that’s a little off the beaten path but shows you’ve put some real thought into the gift. Feel free to drop hints or print out this list so that special someone in your life will know just what to get you this holiday season.

The Outdoor Roguesman

Is there any better way to celebrate a perfect moment than with a drink? Be ready for those occasions with a gentleman’s flask that can serve your favorite spirits till the sun comes up. This large flask lets you be the life of the party no matter where you are or what’s going on around you.

What says you're a man with impeccable taste better than a reclaimed whiskey barrel watch (yes these exist)? For a completely unique look that shouts how much you appreciate smooth whiskey and taking care of the environment. You’ll definitely be catching people’s attention when you’re out on the town with this stunner on your wrist.

The game of golf calls for a personalized golf glove to make sure you’re looking spectacular on the green. Can’t guarantee that it will improve your score, but you can make sure you look the part whether you’re in Florida or Lake Tahoe.

The Indoor Roguesman

Defining your space seems to be a challenge for many men. Make a true statement when it comes to your home decor with a hand-carved skull. These works of art are a focal point of any room and are one-of-a-kind with each one being slightly different but truly astonishing in skill and workmanship.

No man should be without a great robe. Don’t underestimate the coziness that a fine robe can bring to a cool winter’s evening, because nothing says handsome homebody better than brawny attire made just for you.

The Foodie Roguesman

Enjoying a great meal doesn’t require you leave the house. Consider a meal kit subscription to broaden your horizons and keep things interesting in the kitchen. There are a number of great companies that provide a variety of meals and can accommodate allergies, dietary restrictions and dislikes. Never feel like you have to eat out when you can be the chef.

With everyone going to smart tech gadgets, add wireless meat thermometer to the list so you won’t be stuck outside watching over the grill as your guests cozy up to the fire inside. Wireless meat thermometers not only allow you to cook everything to perfection, but can also let you know how long to let your meat rest before cutting and serving. No more worries and a lot more gourmet food is in your future.

The Expert Roguesman

Never be beholden to an icemaker for keeping your things cold on a road trip or tailgate party again. A portable refrigerator that plugs into a 12v slot in your truck will store food and drinks down to a chilly 32°F for as long as you want. Plus, if you’re a prepper kind of guy, you’ll be ready whenever a storm hits or the power goes out.

Maybe the Swiss had the right idea when they invented the utilitarian army knife. Any good fella should be equipped with a sturdy pocket knife to jump right in and open boxes with, fix that pesky hangnail or slice up your steak lunch – because plastic knives just won’t do! Depending on how much utility you’re into, there are plenty of companies that provide a wide assortment of different knives and tools set options.

The Sophisticated Roguesman

Release your inner fire god with a cocktail smoker kit to give your drinks a real upgrade. Whether you’re serving bourbon, wine or your best whiskey, make sure your beverages are memorable. Everyone will savor the experience you created.

Make your drink the spotlight of the night with customized pint glasses and sets. The conversations won’t stop as your personality is expressed with these unique designed glasses can be the talk of the evening.

The most important items to have on your list should be a Rogue Mix Packs. The party hasn’t really started until Rogue breaks in. You can be your boldest self as you enjoy any moment with flavors and forms that match whatever activity you have going on.

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