WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

10 EDC Essentials Items that Will Change Your Life in 2021

Mar 9th 2021

As the world keeps getting stranger, it becomes more important than ever to be prepared for the unexpected on a daily basis. No, this is not about building an end-of-the-world bunker. Everyday Carry, or EDC, is a growing concept and community about being ready for unanticipated daily life predicaments. We can make our own lives easier and just plain keep ourselves safe. The emphasis with modern EDC is to cater it to fit your unique life. Not everyone needs to potentially survive in the woods… or at least it’s highly unlikely (thankfully). Whether it’s city life, country life, or suburban life, there are minor ways to be just a tad bit more prepared to weather whatever comes at you.

Working off the assumption that you already carry your housekeys, wallet, phone, and other absolutely critical necessities for functioning in modern life, we’ve created a list of useful items to consider adding. Suggested essentials for both men’s and women’s EDC. Even if you never have to use them, it’s comforting to have a few handy tricks up your sleeve for either a tough situation or a minor inconvenience. 

Rogue's EDC Essentials for 2021

1. Multitool

Maybe you’re handy. Maybe not. If you’re not exactly a DIY’er then its more the reason to carry a multitool on your person. This EDC essential can fix almost any small inconvenience.

2. Nicotine on Demand™ 

Whether you don’t want to leave dinner to step out for smoke or are going through meeting marathons, Roguenicotine pouches, gum, lozenges, and tablets give you permission to Go Rogue in situations that welcome it and especially in situations that don’t. Sleek and convenient packaging make this an EDC no brainer.

3. Lip Balm

If you live in a mild, sunny climate year-round, congratulations. For those of us that live through four seasons a year, lip balm is an absolute life changer. Windy, blistery days turn your lips into crags the Mars Rover couldn’t even roam. Look for something with natural ingredients – the less the better. Or something that tastes like cinnamon(if that’s your thing).

4. Portable Charger

Nowadays most phone owners already have a portable charger, but it’s astonishing how many don’t. Not only that, but the majority who own portable chargers don’t even carry them around. They’re not meant for your usual day; they’re important for that emergency after your phone dies or when you find yourself lost. Chargers in sockets are obviously preferential for most daily use, but a random upload or app update can drain your battery unexpectedly when you’re not sitting next to a convenient electrical socket. Once again, it’s about being prepared for the “just in case.”

5. Mini Sewing Kit

If you’ve never had your pants rip in public, particularly during a work shift, you don’t understand how valuable this simple must have EDC essential can be. It can also prevent having to miss most of a work day because you had to go home and change.

6. Flashlight

Between blackouts in a building and walking or driving at night, a flashlight can feel like a savior. If you get a flat tire at night, you can see what you’re doing in areas without streetlights. Even miniature flashlights nowadays can have powerful illumination.

7. Lighter

Smoking may be the first and most common use that comes to mind, but lighters are useful in general. Fire can act as a means of sterilization to kill bacteria on a needle. Despite their small size, lighters can provide illumination if there’s nothing else. If you’re heading out on any kind of camping or hiking trip, they’ll be necessary for basic tasks like cooking food. They can also help keep you alive in an emergency by igniting campfires or revealing your location from a distance.

8. Wet Wipes

You never know when things are going to get messy. Yes, your medical kit might have alcohol wipes and a sanitizing towelette or two, but what happens when something sticky spills on you? Or you have to touch that rail to stay steady? Not only is it dirty out there, but we’re in a pandemic. Keeping more wipes on you should already be happening if it’s not already. Not every place you go is going to have a convenient sanitizing station.

9. Tissues/Toilet Paper

It may sound ridiculous at first, but if you’ve ever been on a long car trip or visited a public bathroom, you know this is already a problem. You could be in a stall at a fancy department store and realize the roll next to you is bare just slightly too late. People commonly carry small tissue packages, but they disappear so quickly. As EDC interest has flourished, though, several companies doubled down and made toilet paper tablets. Don’t worry about stuffing an entire roll of toilet paper in your coat pocket without looking awkward, there’s now compact toilet paper about the size of a breath mint that'll fit snug right next to your tin of Rogue Pouches or Tablets.

10. Personal Pen and Notepad

This one might have seemed slightly superfluous before, but with the pandemic it’s become ideal. Are you really going to pick up that pen with the marked tape on it to show it belongs to the store? Meaning hundreds of people have already touched it today? Also, it’s good to have an alternate way to make notes or take down directions or numbers in case your phone dies. That may be a distant backup plan, but if you ever run into it, you’ll be happy you have them.

You never know when you'll need these EDC essentials until you need them. That's why its a great idea to think about where life usually takes you and be ready.

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