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Rogues Top Road Trips for 2022

 Rogues Top Road Trips for 2022

Posted by Rogue Crew on Mar 17th 2022

Long, sunshine-filled days are ahead, and the road is calling. Use our well researched and neatly compiled list of epic road trips to map your next travel adventure in 2022.

American Southwest: Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, and Palo Duro Canyon

If you’re heading through the Southwest, you can knock two beautiful locations pretty close to one another. The Grand Canyon is of course one of America’s most iconic landmarks and offers a wide array of outdoor activities to accompany the beautiful scenery.

Not too far off is a double header attraction of Painted Desert National Park and Petrified Forest National Park. The Painted Desert is a beautiful landscape known for its vibrant variety of colored. Colors shining from common red rocks and hues more lavender create a pastel-esque landscape. The neighboring Petrified Forest, famous for its large amount of petrified wood. The area also features a variety of colorful badlands terrain.

Pacific Coast Highway (Highway One)

Wanting to get a west coast experience? Highway One is an easy and beautiful way to travel up or down the coastline. You can experience the sunny beaches of southern California and travel up the coast towards San Francisco. Along the way, you can find plenty of entertaining stops including the Hearst Castle, the town of Monterrey which features a cool aquarium, and the town of Carmel.

Rocky Mountain National Park

The Rocky Mountains offer some of the county’s most scenic vistas and hiking routes and would make for a great road trip. There are a ton of different routes you can take along the Rocky Mountains depending on what destinations sounds best for your taste, and there are countless stunning hiking routes along the way.

For this trip, we have a couple tips related to mountain driving. Get gas frequently and bring a paper map. Due to the remote nature of a lot of these routes, you may go for a while without seeing a gas station and may lose service on your phone you’d usually use for navigation.

Atlantic Coast

From Florida to Maine, the American east coast is home to a ton of fascinating destinations for your road trip adventure. If you’re feeling ambitious and want to travel the whole coast, you will experience a wide range of environments, so be sure to pack for each climate. For a warmer and more beach-focused trip, traveling up the more southern part of the coast is your best bet. You can have stops in Florida and North Carolina to get the best beach experiences. If you’re a fan of history and are ok with the cooler weather, head more towards the northeast and stop in places like Boston, New York, and Maine.

The Oregon Trail

Did you grow up in the 1990s and play Oregon Trail on your classroom computer before school? Then follow in the footsteps of the settlers that moved west across the American frontiers on the Oregon Trail. The trail stretches across six states from Missouri to Oregon. You can follow along a couple different roadways. Routes 2 and 30 work, or you can take the musically iconic Route 66.


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