WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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It's Friday night, as I head out the door, I grab my wallet or purse, phone, and...
Pack of smokes
Can of dip
Pouch of snuff
A partially charged vape
When do you find yourself wanting a nicotine boost?
I'm on a date, waiting for our food to arrive, don't want to get up for a smoke
About 30k feet in the air, staring at the no smoking sign
Throughout the day at work, but too busy to find a place to smoke!
Pretty much all the time

a few days a week, usually when partying
a perfectly paired ciggy with my morning coffee
a pack a day to keep the stress away
I'm a world record winning chain smoker

Anything mint, need to cleanse that palate
A mango sorbet - just sweet enough
Fresh fruit - maybe some whipped cream
A cup of tea with a splash of honey
We like your style.
It's time to freshen the breath, do you reach for
A piece of gum
A sweet after-dinner mint
A tongue strip
That mouth spray from the '80s
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