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Rogue's 2022 Friendsgiving Hosting Guide: Ideas, Advice & More

Rogue's 2022 Friendsgiving Hosting Guide: Ideas, Advice & More

Posted by Rogue Crew on Nov 17th 2022

Thanksgiving is a day to count blessings and give thanks. Whilst a tradition best known for bringing together families (and the occasional intolerable relative(s)), it has in recent years also become about getting together with friends. Yes, we’re talking about Friendsgiving.

Enjoy connecting with old pals this time of year? Take a peek at our comprehensive guide below and find out what it means to celebrate Friendsgiving.

Decide a Day/Time, and Theme & Coordinate Dishes

Perhaps obvious, but also critical, is coordination and planning for the night of - particularly on theme and dishes. A classic Thanksgiving includes things like mashed potatoes, rolls, baked ham, turkey, stuffing, pie, green bean casserole, and more.

If you’re like us, though, and looking to go a little more ‘Rogue,’ take a look at our custom menu below. We’re confident it can help guide you through a successful Friendsgiving adventure:

To Start or share

Cranberry cream cheese bites

Ancho pumpkin hummus dip

Garlic roasted mushrooms

Parmesan herb sprouted wheat focaccia bread

Cranberry jalapeno dip


Roast leg of lamb

Sherry glazed Thanksgiving turkey

Smoked turkey breast

Cauliflower rice stuffed peppers

To Pass

Dauphinoise potatoes

Chipotle mashed sweet potatoes

Broccoli-cauliflower gratin

Quinoa Stuffed squash with almonds and apricots

Salad russe

Utica greens

Cranberry, apple & sausage stuffing


Béarnaise sauce

Cranberry pear sauce

Turkey gravy


Crustless cranberry pie

Gluten-free mini cheesecakes

Apple buttercake

Straightforward, right? Just make sure you coordinate with your guests. Preparing this all yourself is a recipe for disaster.

Now, let’s take a look at drinks. No Friendsgiving is official without cocktails.

Friendsgiving Drinks & Cocktails

Cranberry orange whiskey sour. A no-brainer, and perhaps staple of Thanksgiving (or Christmas), is the cranberry whiskey sour. Not only are whiskey sours known to aid in digestion, but cranberry is an excellent complement to an otherwise great cocktail.

Apple cider mimosas. Perhaps next to holiday sangria, apple cider mimosas are an affordable option to nourish guests in bulk. Champagne and apple cider are cheap and accessible – and what better way to top off apple season?

Pumpkin pie pudding shots. A Friendsgiving isn’t complete without a few pucker faces. Rather than go with the taboo jello shot, though, why not try something a little more timely and unique? Note - For those of us that don’t like cinnamon liqueur, feel free to sub in your favorite vodka.

Beer. Last but not least is beer. Thanksgiving is kind of the point at which nutty fall beers transition into dark spicy lagers. Get ahead of the curve and break into holiday time early with a chocolate peanut butter-flavored stout.

Other Rogue Tips

  • Create an online event. Use social media to gather up interest. Most platforms tie directly into calendars, so nobody should miss a beat. Note - Use that same platform to send reminders, coordinate dishes, etc..
  • Make room. Not everyone’s willing to host Friendsgiving. Those of us without big spaces, do your best to ‘feng shui’ prior to guest arrival. The right space can improve guest interaction, longevity, etc..
  • Go Buffet style. This can help with the above. This gives people the freedom to eat when, where and how they want.
  • Ambiance, Decor & Music. In the same vein as above (and, of course, if you have the time, resources, and energy), try to do some due diligence here as well. Lighting and music can boost vibes and keep people energized as well.
  • Get a gratitude board. Sharing’s not for everyone but has been known to be easier when on paper. A gratitude board can help soften the need to share thanks publicly.
  • Relax. Preparation is key here. The greater the prep, the more likely you’ll have a chance to sit back and kick it. And if you’re going with something like the menu above, you’ll need just that.
  • Plan your cleanup. Cleaning and hosting are not synonymous. Guests can and should help with this one.
  • Buy a mix-pack. Have a variety of Rogue products ready to go before and after your meal. They make a great complement to any Thanksgiving celebration.


Whether it’s Uncle Joe or your neighbor from grade school, Thanksgiving is about being with people who you love. This year, take a step back from societal expectations and take a crack at Friendsgiving. We’re confident you won’t regret it.

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