WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

​How to Save Money With Rogue Pouches

​How to Save Money With Rogue Pouches

Posted by Rogue Crew on Jun 30th 2023

Here at Rogue we know how important it is you get the biggest bang for your buck. For this reason, we’re tackling the subject of money saving tips you can use every day to enjoy Rogue Pouches guilt free.

Be in-the-know with newsletters

Far from filling up your inbox, signing up for the Rogue Newsletter helps let you know what’s new and interesting.It’s also a great way to gauge when it’s time to check your supply of Rogue products; kind of like a simple reminder.

Subscriptions = savings

For those that are new to Rogue, you may not have realized when placing your order that in the “Delivery Frequency” section, if you choose “Delivery Option” of Every Week, Every 2 Weeks or Every Month, you’ll save 10% on every order. This allows you to be the one in control and save even more by setting up your delivery schedule.

For those of you who have been regular customers, maybe you’ve been a little hesitant to jump in and make the commitment. Well, have no fear! You can always go in and adjust your delivery schedule to be exactly what you need. You are able to change the frequency, whether that means dialing up or back on the regularity of shipments, or cancel your subscription all together. It’s up to you.

Buying in bundles saves a bundle

Buying in larger volumes isn’t just for the big box stores. We love to reward you for making sure you have plenty of Rogue on hand by providing a great variety of different types of bundles. Each flavor of Rogue Pouches come in 5-packs to make sure you have plenty of your favorite go-to choice.

If variety is your cup of tea, we have awesome flavor combinations that will satisfy any craving. These combos are perfect when you’re looking to broaden your repertoire of flavorings or are looking to reconnect with one or two tastes you haven’t had in a while.

Let the good times roll

For long-time smokers you’re definitely familiar with the quick delivery of nicotine that you get. However, that can be very short lived and leave you hanging. This is not the case with Rogue Pouches: the nicotine kick from a single pouch is a slow, continuous flow for about a hour for both the 3 and 6mg strength pouches.

At the end of the day, each pouch costs less than a single cig and has a longer lasting effect with a constant release… It’s a win-win for you every time!

Rogue Pouches crowned the winner

Internet searches yield scores of charts that break down the costs of daily, monthly and yearly smoking of cigarettes. With Rogue Pouches, you’ll enjoy what you love at a much better cost-to-benefit ratio. Additionally, you’ve got a wide variety of choices with our other great products like Gums, Lozenges and Tablets, which all come it flavors and strengths that match your vibe.

The Products

Let's Mix It up

If commitment isn't your thing, don't sweat it, we've got product sets - so you can settle for more.

Problem solved

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